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Golden Emblem Adept Classes: (I'll reveal the Ashen Wolves when they get introduced in my story)

Isaac: Squire Class. Felix: (Golden Sun): Squire Class. Byleth: Mariner Class. Yuri: ???

Garet: Guard Class. Jenna: Flame User Class. Claude: Wind Seer. (Though will be more fighter based) Hapi: ???

Ivan: Wind Seer Class. Sheba: Wind Seer Class. Edelgard: Guard Class. Balthus: ???

Mia: Water Seer Class. Piers: Mariner Class. Dimitri: Squire Class. Constance: ???

Flayn: Water Seer Class. Caspar: Brute Class. Dedue: Dragoon Class.

Lysithea: Wind Seer Class. Bernadetta: Hermit Class. Felix: (Fire Emblem): Samurai Class.

Marianne: White Mage Class. Shamir: Ninja Class.

If I do end up putting Shez in, they will likely be an adept. I've already figured on what they will be, but at the moment, there is no guarantee that they will be in the story yet.

One note right now regarding Fire Emblem Three Hopes and how that will affect Golden Emblem White Clouds. At this moment, I have no idea. Right now, I do have part 1 (White Clouds) planned out, and a basic idea for part 2 (War Phase). I am not putting my story on Hiatus while I wait for the game to be released near the end of June, and then play through it to understand any changes made between Three Houses and Three Hopes. I feel that at this point, I'm just going to continue on normally. The War Phase isn't planned out yet, and while I have a general idea for it, I'm not above changing it if I want. I can even alternate the ending of part 1 a bit if need be. But it will depend on if I feel that it can fit in my story, and if I like what they do with the game.

So in short, as of this moment, I don't have a clear answer on if I will use Three Hopes in my Golden Emblem story or not. I'll have to wait and see.

And finally on one last note, the chance of Three Hopes being the Golden Route that some people are hoping for will NOT be the main factor to if I will or won't use it.

Second Trailer update: The uncertainty on if I use it or not is even higher now. I do have some ideas that I can still throw Shez into the story, but at the moment nothing is certain until I get a chance to play the game. (Really looking forward to it though)

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