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Name : The one I was given to by my mom... and sort of my dad.

Gender : Well, I'm a guy, and I'm straight. Seriously, why the hell do people keep asking me if I'm gay?

Age : Choose any number between 1 and none of your business.

Job : A university student.

Appearance : Black hair and eyes, glasses, tall, thin.

Personality : Somewhat reserved, fast mood swing, very forgetful.

Likes : Manga, anime (no, I'm not an otaku..., a little bit of a nerd maybe), fanfics, music (anything is fine, I don't really care), learning English, Spanish, French, German, Finnish, Swedish, Japanese & Korean (I have quite a lot of free time), comics, books, novels, light novels, graphic novels, visual novels (the reasons I wear glasses), games (mostly PC and some PSP), TV shows, movies, cartoons, and... school XD.

Dislikes : Homework (the nightmare of almost every students), tests (obviously...) , canceling a show or series without giving it a proper end or without warning and many more.

Note : I'm more of a reader than an author because I suck at writing, so don't expect to see any stories from me.

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