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Can't aid from the Light, so aid from the Shadows.

"I'm Accelerator. Nice to meet you. Don't think just because I'm weaken that you can beat me in a fight. I won't hesitate in killing anyone. If you have any questions go right ahead, and ask. But they better not be stupid questions. This flower resembles what little light I have, the red thread resembles my darkness that threatens to engulf it. I don't... want that to happen."

(I'm willing to role play as Accelerator. (A Certain Magical Index\A Certain Scientific Railgun.) I'm practicing on Touma Kamijou, and Sogiita Gunha so can't role play as well with them as well as Accelerator. Also willing to do Naruto Role play too, and other rps. Ask him anything, and I'll answer as whoever you request.)

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