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(...i still have plans for the next chapter im just a piece of shit. deeply sorry i managed to trick anyone into caring about my terrible writing. and even sorrier still that i use this site bc damn if i haven't met amazing people on it and damn if it isn't 20-bloody-18 and i still use it when they don't. i still love all of you)

Irish! And fucking proud. Too fucking proud. Fuck.

One Piece rocks, nuff said.

And Naruto. Seriously, though, Konoha? "Oh yeah let's beat this little kid and make him depressed and shit for the first 12 years of his life" How the fuck-? I mean, c'mon, he's got whiskers! Mother fluffin' whiskers! How could you not love him?! And if he seriously could possibly let rip a huge chakra monster which could kill you all, would it not be better to...not...aggravate him...fucking dumbasses.

Who else has about 11 tabs open? My computer's so awesome, it's still running perfectly fine with all this crap open. Because I love my computer more than silly humans - who needs friends when you got the internet? :D ...I do.

Oh my sweet Freckled Jesus tumblr has ruined my life I love it so much its trash lmao

Follow me pls! do not

Crazy? I'm not crazy. I should get off my dragon and slap you to One Piece and back. pls im just a nervous potato im sorry

...am I the only one with six FF tabs open? No?

I AM A PROUD MEMBER OF SUD! (Sparkly Unicorn Dwarfs) And my partner in crime-defending in teh lands of Yaoi...xXDemDemXx everyone! *applause*!

Edit* *coughs awkwardly* Make that 14 FF tabs...

Oh my god do not watch Doctor Who for 7 consecutive hours my eyes are burning head pounding palms are sweaty mom's spaghetti

Allons-y! Ok, I know for a frikken' FACT that I am not the only who bawled their eyes out at the 10ths regeneration. I know it.


Don't you hate it when you open the door, get on the floor, everyone walk the dinosaur.

I think I'm going crazy. I mean, all I ate yesterday was skittles, sherbet-gum-things, and three potatoes. Yeah, three. I counted.



Mondays are depressing. Mondays should burn. Oh god WHY do Mondays exist?!

//quiet sobbing

Random facts about me:

I've never broken a bone before.

I prefer anime over manga.

I can't sing or dance for shit.

9 is my lucky number.

I was born the day after Christmas.

One Piece is my favourite anime - Naruto comes second.

I prefer drawing to writing.

I love having friends.

I like talking to people, but I hate being social.

I have two dogs.

I don't wear make-up. Mostly cause I have no clue - none - how to put it on lmao.

I can't stand fucking dresses. And by that I mean wearing them - don't worry, I don't do the frick frack with dresses.

I love my laptop - it's sad, I know.

Potato potato ching chong tomato.

I support gay rights - in fact, I don't think there should be gay rights. There should just be human rights - why the fuck is there rights and gay rights? Why the flying fuckballs don't gays have the same rights as the rest of us? (wait a minute - *squints*...im bi)

Because there are people who hate on them based on the word of a 2000 year old book.

I'm not hating on Christians, believe what you want, but come on people! Doesn't God say to love everyone? =.=

I'm atheist. agnostic i suppose? idk

I'm bored as fuck right now.

I can be pretty oblivious.

I despise mornings.

I am impossible to wake up early on a weekend.

Potato potato ching chong tomato.

I get confused between my flag and a flag from the East - Orange, White and Green or Green, White and Orange? Even that lil' flag up there doesn't help :p

I cuss a lot.

I have social anxiety and it sucks (it's sooo bad walking through school and dont get me started on ordering food or even answering questions in class)

I'm ace/(possibly a huge)biromantic. (ALSO I JUST FOUND OUT TWO OF MY FRIENDS AT SCHOOL ARE BI TOO??? HELL YES)

I am so forgetful it's not funny. I can't remember what I had for dinner two days ago, and I can't remember what I did last Friday either - it's actually p. scary cause there are just blanks in my memory. Early alzheimers? It runs in the female side of my family...joy...//sweats

I am a srsly nervous potato like I get nervous reading sometimes like im just rlly nervous im so

i am a piece of shit and this chapter will be fucking uploaded i s2g im so sorry lmao ///sweats

...im not dead i swear

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