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Heyo! My name's Cakeline and I'm from the land of Zzz. My best friend, the Heroine, Bemafi, is totes amazing so if you hear any references about her... okay, well, here's some info about me!

Name: Cakeline -
Age: Appears 18 but is really 500 or so
Gender: Female!
Powers: Can shape-shift like Marcy, stretch like Cake, and float/fly like Marcy
Species: Vampire cat
Personality: Lazy, adventurous, fierce, REALLY VIOLENT, loves catnip -, playful, loud, loves to sleep, loves the sun, creeped out by ghosts, loves to swim, VERY protective of her stuff, friends, and family, very gory
Extra: Can sing REALLY well. Like, her singing can hypnotize people XD
Her weapon of choice is her microphone that turns into ANY WEAPON
Can go out in the sun and turn invisible
Lives in a very well concealed tree house
Wears neon and colorful skinnies, matching graphic tees, and boots/sneakers/flats
Has cat ears and cat tail
Hair is longer than Marcy's, Bonnie's, AND Fionna's combined
Has black hair, swoop bangs with pink edge, and rainbow hair things (lol, hard to explain)
Can eat (and enjoy) normal food AND the color red
Has really light tan skin
Can speak French

If ya have any questions then just ask!

((BTW- I speak as my OC ,Cakeline. If I speak as me then it'll be in two "(" and italicized.))

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