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Despite the fact that I am an avid reader, I discovered the wonders of fan fiction only recently and almost by accident.

It started when I found a SyFy miniseries called Alice on Netflix. I watched it all - and then watched it again. And again. By the time I'd seen Alice four times in as many days, I knew I was a goner. Having fallen completely in love with Hatter, I searched Netflix for anything else with Andrew Lee Potts and found just one British TV show - Primeval.

I watched the show for Andrew Lee Potts, but was determined not to like Conner as much as Hatter. However, I was slowly won over and ended up rooting for Connor and Abby to get together. Three series later, everything was going well for Conby- and then the whole show changed. Abby, Connor, Lester, and a rather peripheral character named Captain Becker were all that remained of the ARC staff. This was sure to be a disaster, I thought. But I hated to not finish the show, so I kept watching, and all of a sudden I found myself falling hard for the pairing of the newbie, Jess, and the not-so-much-peripheral-anymore Captain Becker.

When series five ended, I was lost. I turned, as all good geeks do, to the internet, searching for Jess and Becker, and the first link I found was for DrawnToDarkness's episode companion story Milestones I. The rest, as the cliche goes, is history, as attested by the 125-plus favorited Jecker stories.

I haven't written any fanfiction stories, but I still read a lot, and I write news stories for my job. Hence, I truly appreciate the skill and especially the hard work it takes to craft a great story.

Besides Primeval (I'm still a huge huge fan of DrawnToDarkness's work!), I also enjoy Alice (miniseries), Tin Man (Cain/DG and Jeb/Az - check out Philyra's Splinters, it's absolutely fantastic!), Labyrinth, Emma, Newsies, Doctor Who, and so far a few other miscellaneous books and shows. I'm always welcome to suggestions of things to watch, books to read, and fanfiction stories based on both. I love to leave reviews, so if you'd like me to read your story, shoot me a PM. It'd be great to hear from you!

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