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Okay, it's been a while since I've updated this.

What's happening:

I'll be re-writing the NGE fic since I've realized that it was way to mary-sue (yes it took me years to realize it.)

The new fic, thoughts, is a DNAngel fic, no duh, please review! I need feed back people!

And one more thing, on my un-updated profile it said that I was 14, now I'm 18.


I'm still a guy. lol


I've got to stop updating profile this late.

just to show you guys that am not dead yet (just recovered from a major slump), I've created a new fic (spot the new link)

I took down the NGE fic for reasons that are too many to mention.

I think I won't be continuing Thoughts, seeing as people stopped scanlating it (stupid tokyopop, no offence to people actually buying the manga but I usually get mine from the net).

If there are people reading this, that just means that there are some people who haven't given up hope on me yet (thankyou! Either that or you guys are just really curious as to who the fuck is that noob writer).


Joined a new fandom BTW.

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