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Well, not exactly sure what all to put here, but I figure that after a few years, I should have something.

Love to discover stories, with different genres striking my fancy whenever they so choose. While I like action, I have to admit that I am both a huge fan of character development and--I say with the safety of anonymity--that I do like a good romance.

I really enjoy it when authors flesh out characters beyond what they are in canon. Sure, the original characters are what we love in the stories to begin with, but there is no canon that completely captures just who someone is. Authors who have the courage to experiment and bring more dimensions to characters are the ones who make my favorite pieces.

I am quite fond of all of my stories, so for those who ask/want to ask: I do not abandon my stories. I release rather large chapters, which can take quite a while to do, but I do not abandon my stories.

One thing I ask--not just for myself, but anyone who posts on this site-- Be polite. No author will write a story that everyone will like. Nobody will do something that pleases all readers. Disagreeing, offering insight, and giving feedback are great things. They're how writers grow, and can provide perspectives that were not thought of before. Yet, the internet seems to inspire some to forget all sense of manners and decency. Writers use this site to grow their skills, to try their hand at creating new stories with worlds and characters they love. It's disheartening to see blatantly rude and disrespectful 'flamers' posting hateful and angry comments because things didn't happen their way. It's sad, especially as it has driven some writers with incredible potential away from the site.

Be polite, folks. It is completely possible to make a point without being a hateful troll.

Anything else, feel free to PM me. I really enjoy dialogue about my stories, as well as other stories on this site.

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