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Hey Catherine the Butterfly here(thats my friends nickname for me, not sure why though). I love hetalia and it will probably be the only thing I write fanfictions about but I'm not sure about that. I also enjoy Inuyasha, Salior Moon (which I have be watching since I was 4), Pokemon ( but only the original series the other series annoy me, without brock mindy its pointless), Fruits Basket, and Soul Eater. A little back story on me; I was born with a nerd for a mom and an artist for a dad so that why I was introduced to anime at a young age. I have just recently gotten back in to anime since I used to only watch Disney Channel and I though that anime was stupid ( boy what was I thinking). I'm 15 but my writing might make me seem much older so don't think that I'm 20 year old anime freak, I'm 15 :). Some of my favorite pairings are Spain/S.Italy, Germany/N.Italy, Japan/Greece, US/UK, France/Canada, Hungary/Prussia, and Canada/Prussia, Sweden/Finland, Denmark/Norway, Russia/China, Austria/Switzerland. I don't really like character death but I'm not opposed to reading about it (though it makes me sad to read even if its a character I hate). Some pairings I hate (and I mean HATE) are Germany/Romano, Spain/N.Italy, Germany/America, France/Uk, and Russia/America. Please read my stories and just to let you know I'm a horrible speller so just bare with me.

Hasta La Pasta :)

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