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If your wandering why my user name is 23xo97 then it is cause I thought it was interesting and unusual. I live in Norfolk. I can't weight till evangelion 3.33 you can (not) redo to come's out in English. I know there is an English sub out but I perfure to weight till the dub come's out.I just perfure English dub over sub so I know wtf there saying in a way I can understand it.

pairings I like ( majorly)

shinji x rei

kyon x haruhi

zangetsu x ichigo( there needs to be more of this paring.)

tenma x harma

ranma x Ancona

list of anime /manga i like


death note

the melanchony of haruhi suzumiya

hatalia-axis powers

fullmetal alchemist


ranma 1/2

Bokusatsu Tenshi Dokuro-chan

Negima! Magister Negi Magi

Sgt. Frog

School Rumble

Kill LA kill

Tv shows I like


unsoved mysteries

cold case files

List of cartoons I like

Steven universe

Randy Cunningham 9th grade ninja

Gravity falls

list of thing that I want do

1. go to Canada (done)

2. go to my first coma con

3. complete a fanfic (done)

I went to Canada recently.Nargra fall's Canada with my grandparnet's.the falls where beautiful and gave me inspiration for new fic's and chapter's.

list of thing to accomplish

1. get add on to some one's favorite author list

2. make some friends( I need to go out more(sigh)

3. get ride of my consist headaches

4.become smarter some how

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