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(This is an new profile about myself because the old one was created by a less mature version of me many years ago and didn't make much sense).

I am known as Rose the wolf or Rose.

I wrote in the past that I was never going to make any stories and for those of my followers out there know that information is completely wrong. I have now created four stories for an anime called Ghost Hunt. i guess after reading all of the really good Ghost Hunt fanfics I decided to make some myself after new ones are rarely showing.

My first two stories ( Pocky and the other one, forgot the name really), I created in within a few hours and the only edits I made to them were spelling errors. They were rushed and don't really like them any more.

Turns out the third one, The Forest of Blood and Snow, was the charm and now has over 20,000 views and close to a hundred followers. This story is mainly a horror fanfiction with lots of blood and gore but still has the same epic pairings of Naru and Mai.

I was (and still am) shocked about how many people really liked my story. So much, I begin to create a sequel, Carnival of the Dead, and now has three chapters.

But something happened during time period of the last chapter of the Forest of Blood and Snow and when i was working on a Valentine's special for Ghost Hunt, which was me starting out as a freshmen in college and then getting a job at the college. Not only that but several...err.. Incidents occoured and I kinda lost myself abit but im better now.

Either way, I'm now really busy because of work and college but I course will be finishing all of my stories and planning on making more eventually. Just be abit patient and I'm sure you will get a notification of new chapters and possible new stories very soon.

Thanks you all of my followers and fellow readers for reveiwing and enjoying my stories. I hope to read more Ghost Hunt Fanfics soon and enjoy mine :)

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