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My new-to-me laptop is named Enju.

Ok, so people have been bothering me about updating CyberEpi... I'm definitely going to write, but... Hmm, I think it's in dire need of a revision! So, I'm going to rewrite all of the chapters, then repost all at once. I'll announce when that happens...

What can I say? I like many anime, manga, games, and books. I don't like naughty stuff. I also like many types of music, and musicals and plays, I like nearly every aspect of the arts. I'm an avid reader and reviewer of fanfics, and I write some, too. Though judging from my reviews, that's quite an understatement.

My favorite anime is .hack, and my favorite character is Sora. =DDD Though I like all characters for their own reason. I also enjoy Fruits Basket and Yugioh (the manga!), along with many others, too numerous to name. I like Zelda, Mario, Final Fantasy (Favorite is 9), Golden Sun, Skies of Arcadia, Fatal Frame, Phoenix Wright, etc. I also like Artemis Fowl, Les Miserables, Harry Potter, Lord of the Rings, and many, many other novels.

I also go onto a site called Gaia Online (), under the same screenname. So, please read and review mah story! Oh, I really like reviews. ~w~

I'll do a profile:

Name: Steeple333 (for short, Steeple is fine n_n Or whatever nickname you think up. I have a lot...)

Age: 18 (I don't act my age...)

Gender: Female

Birthday: August 27, 1989 (I'mma Earth Snake and a Virgo. =D Very earthy, huh?)

Likes: Drawing, reading, writing, playing games (all kinds =D), listening to music, talking with my buddies, taiyaki, mochi, lots of foods. I like sweet things best, but other things are good, too. Reviews and updates! Weapons, vocabulary, language in general, cleverness, affection, hugs, theater, sleep.

Dislikes: Jackasses, people who use crappy logic, prejudiced people, sex (I'm asexual - don't giggle), too much homework, writer's block, artist's block, all blocks, no reviews or updates, alcohol, spicy things.

Secret Dream: To play the Phantom in The Phantom of The Opera.

Important Notes: For some reason, is being a bitch, because most of my symbols aren't working. I'm working around it, though.

By the way, if any of you have question, comments, etc., you can email me. Please leave your emails, people! In fact, feel free to PM or email me anytime! I adore any feedback you people have.

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