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My name is Angleofmusic123 . I'm a student in the bluegrass state (Kentucky) and for most f the time I share me and offline stories .


Wow if this makes anyone else feel old I am along side you, Hi this account is mine and I am officially changing the name from Angleofmusic to Crystalreader (If you know me from Deviantart (DA) hi, yes this is my silly FanFic account)

This account will be a back up for my Ao3, Toyhouse and DA writings so please follow me there to see the most recent post of any writing or art I do.

A03: https:///users/Crystalreader_00

Toyhouse: https:///Crystalreader

Deviantart: https:///crystalreader

For any who are Wondering Many of the old Fanfics will not be continued or will be getting updated writings to refect my style, if you have any Questions DM me I'll be happy to answer for you.


Quick Note: The image is my maind Oc Selenia done by my freind G0ne-Guru on DA.

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