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“It's not about whether or not you're a human or an Exceed. We're all living beings and we have to do what's right. I'll be right beside you. There's nothing to be afraid of”

Wendy Marvell

ღღღ HEY GUYS! WELCOME TO MY PROFILE!ღღღ (...Not as if you would read this...)

P.S: I'm sorry...

Ziyo Korusaki

Crystal Momoko

Kazumi Torohaya

Fate and Destiny Gone Wrong (Ending calculated.) Broken Promise (Completed inside my head) It's All About Friends, Love and Jealousy (Complete) It's Complicated (In-Progress) I Don't Need Saving (Adopted by nega saiyan) For the Better (Up for an Adoption) Forgive and Forget (Complete)

Hope you enjoyed reading! :)
Enjoy reading my stories and Favorite Fanfics! :D
Lastly, I want to thank you all for you continued supports! XD
Luv you!

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