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Just a person here to write stories, not much else :P

Favourite series at the moment: Puella Magi Madoka Magica

Favourite genre: Horror mainly, but anything that spiels a good story.

Least favourite genre:Pure romance/shipping - I'm fine with a bit in if it adds to the story, but I don't find much in it on its own.

At the moment I'm writing a Puella Magi Madoka Magica fic that will hopefully be released pretty soon, though I aim to finish it before putting it out there. For those interested, it's a strange horror/parody (though not a funny parody) that takes a dip into the psych of a magic girl; when it's done, it'll be pretty short. It will probably be titled Kyouko's Inferno, but that title is subject to change.

When I review I try to be a thorough as possible (unless I'm not at the end of the fic and I'm just commenting on an event) and I'll point out the good and bad parts that I found - if I review your work and there's something that I've put that you don't agree with or I've put something that doesn't make sense then feel free to PM me - I will refrain from biting :)

When I've got a story actually out there, I'm completely open to constructive criticism and value it a lot.

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