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Hey there! I'm Pippinpoppin :)

I'm an ENFP, neutral good, and my zodiac sign is the Taurus.

My goals in life are to make people smile, if not laugh :)

Go check out my blog at
I also have a fiction press account where I mostly write poetry: pippinpoppin

A preview to my upcoming story: Journey Home

...My first memory was the feeling of warmth from the light, as I napped in the morning rays of the sun. The hay on the floor tickled my nose, but it was a comforting feeling. I could hear the creaking of the barn that surrounded my family and I. The soft snores of my brothers and sisters was a welcome change from their constant yapping. Yes, I said yapping. I’m a dog, well, a puppy for now but some day I will grow big and strong. Thats what mother always tells me at least. She always says I look a lot like my father, I don’t really see it, but she does. I’m a retriever of some kind. If you must be specific, I’m a nova scotia duck tolling retrievers. I really couldn’t care less if I was a cow, just as long as I was fed on time. It was peaceful and calm, a big difference compared to every other morning. I twitched in happiness, thankful for the moment of silence in our busy lives. I should have known it would be sort lived...

Interested in this story? Message me and I'll give you more detail!

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