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Okay so I'm like a twenty-something year old who has major problems that keep me from completing college.

I love fanfiction! I absolutely positively have the biggest obsession with Wolf Lake. It's just the best show ever! I also have a soft spot for Roswell. Why do all of the good shows have to be cancelled!!

PS I'm trying to find a story where Sailor moon leaves Japan, becomes a huntress, has a son, moves back to Japan and has to decide if she wants Darien back. I started to read that story years ago and I totally can't remember the title and I can't find it any help would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks for checking out my profile even though I haven't authored any stories, however if given enough time that may change! I'm also great for bouncing ideas off of so if anyone does need help with a story I'm one of those people who would be honored to help you out or I possibly just don't live a very exciting life; either way that should work out great with any authors who are swampt with work and no one to help them check for grammatical or spellings errors (that we all make since last I checked we're not robots).

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