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Joined May '13

gender: Female

Ethnicity: Hispanic/Latino

name: Johanna

favorite anime: Ouran host club, Fairy tail, xxxholic, Fruits Basket (a whole lot of others that have left my scared emotionally because my ship sunk)(I just put these because I actually watched the whole show and liked it so much that I spend one summer day after day in like 6th or 7th grade reading their respective mangas online and finished them (leaving my with book withdraw and feelings) so I was like "I may or may not be able to write fanfiction of these pieces based off of what I know in the story. ramble...ramble...rambo...ramble")

age: 18

Instrument: Flute (stopped playing a few years ago)

Loves stories and book.

Once in a blue moon, I remember that I like to write things and thus I come back to .

Why? I ask myself. I'm 18, I should have grown up and stopped reading fanfiction or attempting to make some. My fandoms are all dead (probably) by now. [sadness] All the people who once liked the same things have better things to do with their lives yet I persist.

does anyone read these?

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