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Hello I am NathanHale2, last name redacted and enjoy to write stories original or FF stories.

I hope my stories entertain you please comment with a review or PM to tell what you liked or not so that I can improve my work and wirting effort so that you, my dear readers,

have a better experience.

Very personal view now but I see FanFictionsite as a place people can and should help each other and strive to improve each others skill so that writers and readers can have a fun time on this very site.

On my stories:

I am currently writing on two stories, one The Line a Harry Potter/Last of Us crossover which is very close to my heart and demon a Code Geass/Halo crossover. These two stories are the main focus on my writing effort and it thus that I have to say with an heavy heart that the three other stories (Reclamation, At the fringes of Darkness and Awakening) are from now on abandonded. "Reclamation" and "At the fringes of Darkness" will be taking down from this site, while Awakening will remain though mostly for personal reasons as this was my very first story and the dfiferences between then and now are just ... wow. I admit I am getting a bit melanchonic.

What I like:

Harry Potter till book 5. Book 6 and 7 sucked.

All of Tom Clancy's books.

Dale Brown books.

John Grisham books.

the Heart of Darkness and many other books.


Black Hawk Down.

Behind enemy lines.

Tears of the Sun.

Patriot Games.

Hunt for Red October.

remember the titans.

Open Range.

The Road and many more movies.



Shadow of the Colossus.

Homeworld series.

Command and Conquer Generals.

BioShock Infinite.

Last of Us.

Condmemend Criminal Origins.

Halo (except for ODST and Halo 4 was also disappointing).

Rainbow Six series.

Ghost Recon series (except future soldier).

American conquest.

I don't like slash, yuri, yaoi kinda crap it's just blaaaah just not my kinda thing. There should be a filter for this on the site.

so I hope you like my stories and have reading please don't forget to review CONSTRUCTIVE CRITICISM please.

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