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Below statement still applies I have not had time to write maybe while I am on vacation and have down time if I can think of something that has not been done to death ;)

So I was going to try and offer to be a Beta but apparently there is this pesky little rule. I have to write 5 stories or a total of 6000 words. The problem lies in the fact that I can't write a story to save my life. Now this suck because there are a few of the authors I am currently reading who need new Betas and I can't help! Unfortunately, I might not be able to come up with something anytime soon because I work in retail and the Holiday Chaos is upon us. (AGAIN) I will try to write something I warn you now it will be a one shot or a series of one shots I highly doubt I can do a long story that is any good but i might be able to write some good one shots or at least "Plot Bunnies". I get great ideas but after the first page or so they fizzle.

-- Ok so here another story that I can't find but read in the last six months:

GrimmIchi- Grimm is King now that Aizen is gone he was using his Zanpactou to suppress all the Espada escpecally Grimmjoy. He hads decided to mate with Ichigo but to do this there is a ritual that involves special painted designs on both Ichigo and Grimm. Hallibal and her girls do Ichigo paint meanwhile Ichigo hollow can manifest on his own and tells them that Grimm will be mating both him and Ichi with this Ritual. I believe Starrk, Hallibal and Nel are also a grouping. I believe it is also MPreg. I've read this story several time but when I was looking for it this week I can no longer find it. If it's been deleted or moved to another site I can't figure out? I'm hoping I'm just putting in the search wrong but I fear it's gone. If anyone know which story this is can you please let me know

--So there was a story "Mafia Games" that has been deleted from fan fic if any one knows where it might be hosted still or the author can you please let me know I would really like to reread the story it use to be on my Favs list! It was a Bleach AU Ichi/Renji Yaoi.

--*Unfortunatly, it looks like the author has removed all theirs stories: Sadness* {Thanks to Apriiil for letting me know!}. Another story I'm looking for its a BixLu; from what I remember Lucy is on her way back from a solo mission she calls Loki to keep her company. They run into a lost soul that attacks them. Lucy gets the soul to calm down and brings it to Bixi and they start getting closer. It is incomplete but I can't find it so I am unsure if it has been removed or if the author closed their account. If anyone knows the name of the story or author please PM me!!

--*Turns out this is from the same author as above! Once again sadness* Ok yet another one I can't find it's a Fairytale LaLu (I think): all I can remember is that Lisanna joined the team for a mission but was so absorbed in watching Natsu fight she left herself venerable. Lucy tried to protect her but she was overwhelmed. One of the mages got threw her defenses I believe badly cut or broke her arm, then knock Lisanna unconscious and Natsu blamed Lucy. Grey had to point out to Flame Brain that Lucy was badly hurt vs. just unconscious like Lisanna. Unfortunately, that's all I can remember.

I stumbled on this pic and it is totally the was I picture Jushiro: I did NOT draw/create credit goes to the artist!



Do you really care?!

Pet Peeves:

Incomplete stories that the author just disappears no AN and nothing on their profile just gone!! Or promises an update after a long hiatus only to disappear again!!

Authors who adopts a story write ONE additional chapter then disappear or drop the story and write a whole bunch on incomplete one later!!!!!!!!

Naruto Harems. Now every once in a while I find a well written one but the sad fact is most are nothing but very badly written porn.


Right now I can only find one picture of the apartment and it shows it as a one bedroom BUT the layout is wrong unfortunately it appears to be from a data book so it can be used. I will look for the one I originally saw it was in the manga as a side note somewhere. It had two bedrooms next to each other. And was squareish instead of rectangular. And showed an Ariel view down into the apartment. Which had Naruto's room on the right and the office/workout room on the left with the Kakashi Doll in there for practice. There is one of the authors home and its featured on the last page for Chapter 10

He lives in a two bedroom (one is his bedroom the other a office/workout/weapon store room) [its floor plan is shown in one of the manga chapters as a side note] apartment with a living/Dining room and Kitchen and bathroom! He keeps it nice, except right before the Chunnin exams. It's pale red (tho later episodes show it as tan) the building is slightly cattywampus so it gives it a run down look.

In the first tankōbon Of Naruto on the last page of Chapter 10 there is a drawing of the Authors apartment which I believe most people consider to be Naruto's.


While Naruto has used this hedge liberally in cannon he has never stayed in this form for an extended period of time. So I do applaud those who have Naruto use this for infiltration mission in there stories but honestly I am tired of the Kakanaru's that are Fem!Naruto. So many stories sound soooo good I'm all hyped to read them until I see it a Fem!Naruto come on if you wan Kakashi and Naruto together get over the gender issue, it ruins more stories then I care to count. There are a FEW good one but more often then not I find they lack something!

Sakura x Naruto

Really, she beats the shit out of him at EVERY turn he can do NOTHING right as far as she is concerned! You would subject someone (fictional or not) to that kind of abuse.

Sakura x Kakashi

What the actual fuck? Where did this even come from???? This pairing is disappointing popular I for the life of my I can't figure out why or how! She hates his perverted ways, his being late and even tho she was is the village for the TimeSkip she NEVER sought him out! Quite frankly he was even more of a nonentity to her then Naruto because at least she manipulated the Promise of a lifetime out of Naruto, for her precious Sasuke!


Ichigo receives Rukias powers at 15. His mom date of death is June 17 six years prior. His birthday is July 15. He was 9 when his mom died. According to chapter 68, August 1st Ichigo and co. go to the festival before leaving to the SS! At this time he tells his dad as they are going home that he is leaving in a week and will not be back until the end of summer. Ichigo is 16 when he goes to the SS!! This means he is 16 when he achieves BANKAI!


(These are just off the top of my head and in no way are all of them!)

{Numbers are the Series, Alphabet are the pairings; A) for M/F, B) for M/M or F/F, C) Pure Crack Pairings, D) Challenge Pairings [ones I want to see but for the life of me can't write]}

1) Bleach (Both with the exception of the Bounte Arc I even enjoy the movies)

A) I can't really picture Ichigo with ANY of the girls in the series; Orahime annoys the shit out of me, Rukia is abusive, Rans a drunk and in love with Gin, and Yoraichi :sigh: do I really need to say it.

B) Now for guys there are several I would pair him with Byakuya, Renji, Juushiro, Shunsui, And Urahara (Don't judge I just really see him more as a Uke)

D) Ok this one just popped in my head after reading an IchiYora time travel fix but I would love to see a Yora/Ichi/Ura since they spend so much time together (not really but let’s pretend)!

2) D. Gray Man (Both but Unfortunatly it's only update every three months now!)

A) None really

3) Fullmetal Alchemist (Both but Brotherhood only for the anime have not seen any of the OAV's so I don't know about those yet)

A) Well, there are the cannon pairings and I pretty much lean the same way.

B) BUT I can totally see Mustang and Ed as a couple they practically fight like an old married couple already.

4) Fruits Basket (Both)

A) Cannon pairings I just don't see any other pairings working beside their cute!

5) Naruto (Both but could live without most of the filler some of its amusing but most just makes me want to pull my hair out).

A) Well, this one I don't really care for any of the girls but at least Hinata always supported and loved him. CAN'T STAND Naruto/Sakura quite frankly I hate her guts, she treats him like shit the entire serie, then try's to manipulate him to keep him from going after Sasuke so she says she loves him CUNT MOVE! I'm glad he called her on it!

B) As for the guys NO SASUKE/NARUTO, but I can see him (when he's older) with Kakashi (they are only 15 years apart and it happens all the time in the Real World get over it), Shikamaru (kinda a brains and the beast), and Neji (after time skip he's mellowed some and seams to genuinely like Naruto). If it's well written I can even go for Kiba.

6) Nura: Rise of the Yokai Clan (both but the anime stops way too soon)

A) Dont know I like his little human female friend but...

7) Saiyuki (Both also another one I am waiting for an update on)

B) Honestly, the series revolves around four guys traveling, fighting and drinking and rarely are there females so I'll leave this up to your imagination.

8) Space Captain Harlock (Both I mean who wouldn't)

A) ?????

B) Harlock and Yama/Login hands down

9) Fairytail ( Both but some of the filler is annoying because it's always aimed at Lucy)

A) Natus/Lisanna NO TO NALU, I honestly think Lucy would suit one of the older guys; Laxus, Bickslow, Freed, Gajeel (I go back and forth with him with Lucy or Cannon Levy) or oddly enough Cobra ( I think there could be something if given a chance to know one other) Cana/Bacchus, Wendy/Romeo, Elfman/Ever, (if not with Lucy) Freed/Mira, Erza/Jella (really was there any question), Grey/Juvia, (if not with Gajeel) Levy/Jet, Laxus... Well, either Cana, Mira or my preference Lucy but I could also see a sibling relationship here as well, it's a total toss up, Bickslow either Cana (there both pervs) or Lucy, more as I think of them {I tired}

C) Elfman/Lucy (I found one story that has them paired and it's cute so far)

D) Challenge pairing: Laxus x Lucy x Freed! I would love to see someone come up with this love triangle (I mean in cannon half the time it looks like Freed is already in love with Laxus, where as Laxus has shown an interest in Lucy both during the Phantom Lord arc and GMG arc, Freed and Lucy is the only one that would take a little to finessing do to no real cannon connections but could be done through a job {yes cliché}, or possibly trying to help Laxus get the girl and falls for her too or hell even just spotting Lucy doing research for something in the guild library and catching his interest).

10) Blue Excorsist (Both but the anime deviates from cannon a lot)

A) not sure

11) SKIP BEAT {OMG I can't believe I forgot to add this one to the list} (Both but greatly saddened that the anime stops after 24 episodes in the middle of an arc even)

A) Kyoko/Ren ('nough said)

12) Hunter X Hunter (Just started watching and reading but so far I like both only watch the first 31 episodes of the 1999 release then switched over to the 2011 version)

B) Hisoka/Gon, Hisoka/Gon/Killua (I know I'm a total perve but let me make one thing clear I'm not talking about preteen beginning of series ages for the boys I mean after cannon ends very youngest 15 but close to legal age 17 it's bad enough Hisoka is already in his late 20s at the beginning of the series so even 4-6 years later puts him in his early 30s){Gon and Killua are 11 at the beginning and Hisoka is 28 so yeah not good even thought the author seems to throw that in there}

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