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Joined May '13, Canada

I've been admiring the writers of the TV series Covert Affairs and NCIS FanFictions. I'm always reading them with enthusiast and waiting for updates.

I decided to join the gang and have my try at it.

I'm French so bear with my spelling errors. Writing is my way of not forgetting my English. I live in Québec City and do not have many occasions to practice it.

I don't Watch many TV shows, NCIS and the now cancelled Covert Affairs is about it!

My favorite character on Covert Affairs is Eyal Lavin. As for NCIS, it Tony and Ziva. What can I say, I like outcasts!

Well, it's been 3 years and I'm still writing and my favorite characters are still Eyal Lavin, Tony DiNozzo and Ziva David.

Now that Covert Affairs has been cancelled, not many Eyal Lavin shippers. I miss my old writing gals... if one of you read this... pm me!

I tried an NCIS crossover. Must admit nearly quit at my first chapter because of a very negative comment on my writing style. I accept constructive criticism and know my writing is not the best but please keep the reviews civil! I decided to rewrite the chapter and stick with my story. I do my best with the time I have and I'm still struggling with the English language. If it's that bad, PM me, give me helpful tips, not killer ones!

I speak/write French, English and German (still in the learning process that last one!). I’m working on Hebrew and lately have been talking with a Romanian so ….. I love languages but also getting to know the cultures.

I do welcome constructive comments so please feel free to PM me in any language, promise I’ll get back to you in the language of your choice (well I’ll try)!

Some readers are curious as what I do for a living... can't say more than I dabble in profiling and medicine.

But I can talk about my pastimes; love dog obedience training, agiliy with my Border Collie, running/jogging, leaning languages, reading and music.

Have a nice read!

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