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Naruto On Board.

Naruto's Guns.

https: / / static .wikia .nocookie .net/ onepiece/ images/ c/ cb/ Flintlock_ .44_Caliber_6_Shot_Revolver_Infobox .png/ revision/ latest?cb=20130122185243

Naruto's trench knives. (NOte, this is currently his newest wanted poster after Dressrosa.

https: / / naruto .fandom .com/ wiki/ Chakra_Blade?file= AsumaWithHisChakraBlades .PNG

New Costumes for Ninja On The League.

(If any URL does not work like if the page was deleted, let me know.)


https:// www. deviantart .com/ folstagg/ art/ Ultragirl-336642477

Wonder Woman.

https://www. geekalerts .com/u/Wonder-Woman-New-52-ArtFX-Statue .jpg


https: // dc. wikia .com/wiki/Kara_Zor-El_(Prime_Earth)


https: //dc .wikia .com/wiki/Kal-El_(Earth-Prime)


https: // theflash .wikia .com/wiki/The_Flash_(Grant_Gustin)

Batman (Go to Arkham Knight part at bottom Of page.)

https: // arkhamcity .wikia. com/wiki/Batsuit

J'onn. It's the costume from Crisis, and Young Justice.

https: // youngjustice .wikia .com/wiki/Martian_Manhunter

Galatea/Power Girl.

https: / /dc .wikia .com/wiki/Karen_Starr_(DCAU)

Female Copperhead from Arkhamverse. This URL is also in Hero Rising below.

https: // arkhamcity .fandom .com/ wiki/ Copperhead?file=Copperhead_2 .jpg

Naruto's motorcycle.

https: // en. wikipedia .org/ wiki/ Dodge_Tomahawk#/ media/ File:Dodge_Tomahawk .jpg

Naruto's car for Batman Vs. Robin.

https:// batman .fandom .com/ wiki/ Tumbler?file=Thedarkknight17po4 .jpg

Hero Rising/Hero Rising: Next Generation.

(If any URL does not work, like it was deleted let me know.)

Naruto's motorcycle.

https://en. wikipedia. org/ wiki/ Dodge_Tomahawk#/ media/ File:Dodge_Tomahawk .jpg

Naruto's car.

https:// batman .fandom .com/ wiki/ Tumbler?file=Thedarkknight17po4 .jpg

Wonder Girl (Donna Troy.) Update: This is before YJ was renewed and she appeared in Outsiders but this is her costume for season 1.

http: //static. comicvine. com/uploads/original/7/78926/2940541-tumblr_mjnggiu4re1qmz7qho1_500. jpg

Starfire Season 1. And her sisters metal around bare skin for snow camo.

https: //teentitans .fandom .com/ wiki/ Starfire

Season 3/Outsiders ( Will remove when/if she comes in the show later)

https: // dcanimatedmovieuniverse .fandom .com/ wiki/ Koriand?file= Tumblr. png

Blackfire Season 1. Imagine her a few years older.

https: // teentitans .fandom .com/ wiki/ Blackfire?file=Deadofthenight .png

Spoiler (Stephanie Brown.) Update: This was before Season 3 A.K.A Outsiders was renewed and before Spoiler was revealed to be in the season!

http: //1. bp. blogspot. com/-0kmRkGKiufc/UweKr9aL-LI/AAAAAAAAS80/DQRWurmNwCg/s1600/tumblr_n1ccswkagg1qh2lw2o1_1280. jpg

Her crossbow used in Endgame.

https: // arrow. fandom .com/ wiki/Green_Monster? file= Green_Monster .png

Stephani Brown's Black Bat. Now picture a Cowl instead of a helmet.

http://alexpascenko. deviantart. com/art/The-Cassandra-Cain-Batgirl-377483375

Mary Marvel Season 1.

http://dc. wikia. com/wiki/Mary_Batson_(Earth-5)

Season 3/Outsiders.

https: //dc. fandom .com/ wiki/ Mary_Batson_(New_Earth)

Fury. (Megaera.) UPDATE They changed the picture it was originally a red dress like costume.

http: ///wiki/Donna_of_Amazon_Island_(Earth_2)

Copperhead. This URL is also in Ninja on the League section above.

https: // arkhamcity .fandom .com/ wiki/ Copperhead?file=Copperhead_2 .jpg

Naruto And The X-Men.

(If any URL does not work, like it was deleted let me know.)

Naruto (By AnarchyHamster.)

http: / /anarchy hamster .deviantart .com/ art/ Naruto-And-The-X-Men-Naruto-675064730

Naruto: Earth's Mightiest Ninja.

(If any URL does not work, like it was deleted let me know.)

Shuri. In Costume.

http:// marvel .wikia .com/ wiki/ Black_Panther_Vol_5_1?file=Black_Panther_Vol_5_1_Textless .jpg

Out Of Costume.

https://www. writeups .org/ wp-content/ uploads/ Shuri-Black-Panther-female-Marvel-Comics-b .jpg

Diamondback. (Rachel Leighton.) In Costume.

https://www. writeups .org/wp-content/uploads/Diamondback-Marvel-Comics-Captain-America-Rachel-Leighton-2-a .jpg

Out Of Costume.

https: / / comicvine .gamespot .com/ images/ 1300 - 825099

Black Cat. In Costume.

https: //s-media-cache-ak0.pinimg .com/ originals/bf/2a/55/bf2a555dd987486738f1e21551fc51aa. png

Out Of Costume.

https: // marvel. wikia. com/ wiki/ Felicia_Hardy_(Earth-92131)/ Gallery

Whitney Chang (Reporter from Amazing Spider-Man tie-in games.)

https://vignette .wikia .nocookie .net/amazingspiderman/ images/ 8/ 88/ Whitney_Chang .png/ revision / latest?cb=20120506075247

Shinobi On Board.

Naruto's weapon.

trueswords .com /double-cross-sword-p-779 .html

Chakra Blade.

https://naruto .fandom .com/ wiki/ Konoha_Chakra_Blade? file=Konoha_Chakra_Blade .png

Naruto's outfit for Sabaody Arcipelago arc

https:// static .wikia .nocookie .net/ assassinscreed/ images/ f/ f2/ AC4_Edward_Kenway_Robes .png/ revision/ latest?cb=20131119062921

Naruto's revolvers for the outfit.

https: / / static .wikia .nocookie .net/ onepiece/ images/ c/ cb/ Flintlock_ .44_Caliber_6_Shot_Revolver_Infobox .png/ revision/ latest?cb=20130122185243

Spiral Shinobi.

Naruto's Hoverboard.

https: / / cdn. discordapp .com/ attachments/ 350038418006343690 /384502920676114434/ hoverboard_4 .jpg

His revolvers Inzanagi, and Inzanami but picture them with a black finish with orange grips.

http://www. imfdb .org/ wiki/ File:K2TGC_505 .jpg

Ninja In The Web. If any picture does not come up/work like a page was deleted, let me know.

Naruto’s Costume.

https: / / splintercell .wikia .com/ wiki/ 3E_Shadow_Armor? file =SCC_3E_Shadow_Armor .png

Maria Hill as she wasn’t in this show/Universe aside a small scene in Avengers: Assemble.

http: / / avengersassemble .wikia .com/ wiki/ Maria_Hill

Kamala Khan/Ms Marvel.

https: / / avengersassemble .fandom .com/ wiki/ Ms._Marvel?file=Ms._Marvel .jpeg

Clara Lille, (Ch. 25.)

https: / / watchdogs .fandom .com/ wiki/ Clara_Lille?file= Clara_Lille_(Concept-Full) .png

The Tactical Crossbow.

http: / / splintercell. Wikia .com/ wiki/ Crossbow

Naruto's Asgardian Weapon For Field Trip.

https: / / vignette .wikia .nocookie .net/ godofwar / images / 3 / 3c / LeviathanAxeUpgraded .png/ revision / latest?cb=20180603232434

Maggia's Team. (Ch. 13)

Paul Palmer/Arachnikid.

Https : / / thedailybugle .fandom .com/ wiki/ Arachnikid

Mimi Lapin/Black Rabbit.

Https : / / thedailybugle .fandom .com/ wiki/ Black_Rabbit

Jason Grimm/Skull Punch.

Https : / / thedailybugle .fandom .com/ wiki/ Skull_Punch

Serge/Dark Matter.

Https : / / thedailybugle .fandom .com/ wiki/ Dark_Matter

Louis Marko/Overcharge.

Https : / / thedailybugle .fandom .com/ wiki/ Overcharge

Giacomo Fortunato/Principal Staine.

Https : / / thedailybugle .fandom .com/ wiki/ Giacomo_Fortunato

Naruto's sword (Ch 48/Dracula focused Ch's)

https: / / www. karatemart .com/ images/ products/ large/ blue-blade-kunai-ninja-sword .jpg

The Maelstrom Jedi. Any that don't come up like they've been deleted let me know.

Ros Lai.

https : / / vignette. wikia. nocookie. net / starwars / images / d / d2 / Ros_Lai .jpg / revision / latest?cb=20070823233301

Naruto's Lightsaber.

https : / / static .wikia .nocookie .net/ starwars/ images/ 3/ 33/ Kota_saber .jpg/ revision/ latest?cb=20090210162416

Juno Eclipse.

https: / / vignette .wikia .nocookie .net/ starwars / images/ e/ ed/ Juno_promo_full .png/ revision/ latest?cb=20110111000136

BD-4, Picture him with red metal and gold stripes instead of white.

https: / / static. wikia. nocookie .net/ starwarsjedifallenorder/ images/ 0/ 0b/ BD-1 .png/ revision/ latest?cb=20190609140350

Naruto's blaster pistol.

https: / / vignette. wikia. nocookie .net/ starwars/ images/ 6/ 6e/ RSKF44 .jpg/ revision/ latest?cb=20180625052611

Zule Xiss.

https: / / vignette .wikia .nocookie .net/ starwars/ images/ 0/ 01/ ZuleXissDC-15S .jpg/ revision/ latest?cb=20150717023102

Maelstrom Huntsman.

Naruto’s Sniper Rifle.

http:// www. bungie .net/ common / destiny2_content / screenshots / 3473290087 .jpg

Naruto’s Revolvers.

http://www. imfdb .org/ wiki/ File:K2TGC_505 .jpg

Naruto’s Motorcycle. But black with orange lines on top of the tank and back fender, frame, and rims

https:// static. wikia. Nocookie .net/ daysgone/ images/ 1/ 16/ Drifter_Bike_Original .jpg/ revision/ latest?cb=20190528223032

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