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I've been reading fanfiction since 2003... although I've never written an ff, I have read sooo sooo many!!!

I'm half Spanish half State side... currently living in Madrid after graduating from undergrad... thought it would be wise to try the job marker over here... haven't been lucky yet haha

I'm a Dramoine fan... have been and always will be! Although I have also read, BlaiseHermione, SiriusHermione, BillHermione and CharlieHermione... even a few SnapeHermione. As you can tell Hermione being the main character... I seem to relate to her some how haha

I'm a fan of the Draco being a Vela, or Bill a werewolf... big big fan of the marriage act... I will almost certainly read an ff that deals with that subject.

Besides that, I read ff's daily, if there's no updates then I've started a new ff. I have a firm policy of reviewing each chapter... unless they are already posted then I will read through the whole ff and give a review for the story as a whole!

Anywho that's it about me!


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