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Hello, humans. It's sad you know. You're just on your electrical device, while we are on the bottom of the sea, just swimming around , mindlessly. It's despicable. To think of it, i don't mind being on land, with all you disgusting humans. I have also just taken over one of your kind, and possessed them. I can't believe that that this is happening to me. I use to be the top of my class. Graduate from the highest jellyfish school and yet here I am, inside the body of a petty human. Argh! disgraceful. my clan have been on Earth for almost 1,000,000 years, and we're still in the ocean, stinging everything in our path. One day, I will fine, all you... humans! And when I do, there will be nothing left of you. The ocean will turn red with the blood of all you innocent humans.


jellyfish shogun.

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