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My late first husband was a journalist, and my late second husband won an award for one of his short stories. I love to read, a trait I got from my Mother. I wrote fan-fiction in my teen years (ancient history). I am a huge fan of Castle and have watched it from the beginning. I'm enjoying The Rookie, but haven't been inspired to write any stories for it.

My favorite quote from Kate Beckett has become my motto:

"Even on the worst days, there is a possibility for joy."

I've retired from my job as a Clinical Laboratory Scientist. I have a few health issues that were making it difficult to work 12 hour shifts anymore. Reading is my major plan for retirement.

I've seen other people do this, so I thought I'd add a chronological list for my AU that starts with What's Done is Done:

What's Done is Done

Almost Morning in the Hamptons

Be Silly

Everything Eventually Ends

Kate's Broken Heart

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