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I love Star Wars, Teen Titans, Avatar: The Last Airbender/Legend of Korra. I read allot of books and love storytelling. I hope to grow myself on this site and one day become an actual writer that gets paid.

March 27th, 2016

i reviewed movies on tumblr now. Profile name "Emblem-333" type that in along with "Tumblr" in your web browser if this link doesn't work.

I also post stories on Tumblr. My first OC centric one-shot.

For "Power Play" I want to tell a story of a not-so squeaky clean kid from the slums who overcomes all the grief and mental trauma to being a strong Jedi. A complex character readers can relate to and understand. Arturo Carroll wants nothing more than for his life to be free of stress and worry. Arturo hates himself for constantly failing to better himself and provide for his sister. Living in a setting that does not condone a conscious, Arturo is reminded daily he cannot continue this facade for long and soon someone will realize he is weak.

This character will go through change, distraught, trauma and will experience all the wonders of exploring the galaxy and learn about himself through the force.

Arturo Carroll (You Don't Belong)

Age: 16

Weight: 139 pounds

Height: 1.67 meters

Hair color: Brown

Eye color left green, right brown

Lightsaber form: Shii-Cho

Personality: Very kind, but short tempered and can be very jumpy when forced to make high pressure decisions. Art desperately wants to be "the guy you want to go to war with", pounding his chest to gain the necessary adrenaline to wash away his fear. Under his overconfident bravado, lies a scared child in need of acceptance. Outcasted from home for leaving his friends and family, Arturo is haunted by the thought he abandoned his family and little sister Rooney. He is very easy to guilt and is of shaky confidence.

Power Play:

Count Dooku is near victory in the Clone Wars. The Jedi Order is reeling from a string horrible defeats on Christophsis, Naboo and the pyrrhic victory defending the cloning facilities on Kamino. The Galactic Republic is broke and losing support for the war. Star systems are revolting, pressuring their senators to enter peace talks with the separatist forces. The senate is in the midst of blaming the Jedi for losing the war, they themselves are articulating a galaxy where the light side isn't the dominate party. Fearing Dooku would raise his own Sith Order and Empire to challenge Lord Sidious.

Chancellor Palpatine is working tirelessly to keep the war effort going. His apprentices (Count Dooku, General Grievous, Asajj Ventress) all have taken their assets in separate ventures to challenge the chancellor. Palpatine loses contact with his apprentices and can't give them up to Republic authorities or confront them himself.

Grievous is attempting to make a super weapon that will destroy Coruscant if the Jedi cannot find where it is.

Over on Lianos, a 16-year-old boy named Arturo Carroll struggles to make ends meat for his poor family. Working with shady figures of the criminal underworld and using raw abilities with the force to manipulate outcomes in dice and card games.

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