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I'm Hikari Jade and welcome to my profile!

Confession Confusion, or CC for short, was my first (published) fanfic. As a high school AU, CC was meant to be rated T but things got a bit out of hand in the later chapters so I bumped the rating to M. CC actually began as a writing challenge to myself in writing in the first person. For me it's always been difficult to write using 'I' but when CC started the words just poured out. Confession Confusion is now complete. There is a bonus chapter planned but it's timed to come out the same time as one of the chapters in Fighting Fate a few months from now.

Fighting Fate, or FF for short, is my second fanfic and the companion story for CC. Fighting Fate is centred on Juvia and Gray. The timeline for FF runs parallel to that of Confusion Confusion with lots of overlapping events and it's written in the same style (alternating pov). Updates will be slower because I need time to make the two stories 'fit' so please be patient. Chapter Twenty Five will be published August 14th 2021.

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