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Hey people of fanfiction! What is up!

My name is Orkslayer98

I just want to say that Im a huge spyroxcynder fan, and have read almost all m rated spyro and cynder stories.

I am a talented 15 year old that loves to write

Do not hesitate to message me, I don't mind giving people ideas as long as I get credit. Plus most of my ideas are awesome!( I also have different ideas that aren't spyro related)

Also, if you do message me, be sure to include that you need help on ideas. If you don't, I can't help.

To whoever created 'Neo' in the Spyro universe, I hope you will be killed by a blue Prius because I hate you. SpyroxCynder forever!!!

A shout out to all the people that i have written positive reviews for their spyro stories, I love y'all for you are the people that inspire me in everyday life, and in stories. I love this site and hope to see more spyro stories soon!

i love five finger death punch, hollywood undead, escape the fate, skillet, three days grace, any rock bands really.

i like being fit and working out, gives me something to do.

favorite games, any shooters.

I like people who REVIEW MY STORIES lol. I also like those who ask me for help on spyro story ideas.

again, don't hesitate to ask me for ideas on spyro stories, got tons for you to choose from.

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