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Nice to meet you, I'm Luis.

You may also find me under the usernames Shiiva or Irene/Jasmine.

Irene/Jasmine was a very special friend to me, and I use her name/username in her honor.

I've always been a fan of literature, not so much in the artistic sense but the idea of 'Creating a world through words'. This idea has always inspired me to do become a better person everyday, someone who can live up to the millions of stories about myself I create in my mind on the daily.

After a long journey that's seemingly pushing me down a hole I won't be able to get back up from, I've decided to use everything I've learned on my way down to create worlds where characters have a way out of this dark place. And what better part to start with fanfictions!

I have a Discord server made specifically to keep in close contact with my fans/readers where they can get real-time information about me/my stories, the invite code is 42SQENPj54 in case anyone who stumbles upon my profile wants to join. This discord also serves as the place where the Patrons who want to support me via Patron can hang around and request comissions/stories (Patron is IreJasmine).

The patron thing is FULLY optional, everything I write will be released to the public with the exceptions of private commissions (if there ever are).

My current wish is that everyone who reads what I write to have a fun time, maybe find a place to let their mind wander and create a story of their own. If possible, I would also wish for my readers to criticize me and help me grow as a proper writer, more so since English is not my native language. (Spanish is my main language)

Current Story Projects:

And So, Bell Became a Hero

Bell's Grandfather had a more impactful role in the boy's early life until his disappearance. Bell, with his newfound morals and dreams, and the help of an unexpected Goddess, starts his own journey to become a Hero like the one in the stories of his gramps. Tags: Graphic, Mature, Action, Romance[Harem]. Adventure.

[REBUILD] RWBY: Kitsune no Reaper

[ReBuild Version] Naruto dies after fighting Sasuke, the Gods reward the dead Shinobi for saving the Elemental Nations by sending him into another dimension to start anew, Remnant. However, as all things involved with Naruto, the process was botched... How will Naruto fare in this new dimension as a Fox/Wolf Faunus? Tags: Mature, Adventure, Romance[Harem(Blake Main)]

Kitsune of the Hakurei Shrine

- Living for a dozen of thousands of years one forgotten beast finds itself adopting a young spunky girl, however that very same girl is the one that's going to reignite the spark of the beast long forgotten desires. OpenHarem/Dark Themes/Fluffy Themes/Lemons/The usual weirdness surrounding one Naruto Uzumaki and Hakurei Reimu.

- This story is my second focus, set in Gensokyo with the addition of a self-sealed Juubi Naruto. It's starts off with Naruto adopting little Reimu after disaster struck her home and leaving her orphaned, he helps her get back up on her feet before trying to return to his deep slumber... keyword being 'Trying'.

"Because this time, I'll be the one to help you!" Reimu stubbornly tells an equally stubborn Naruto.

Possible upcoming stories projects:

The Misadventures of Ire

- A female dark Link story set in an open Hyrule world (I have a map of it somewhere), we keep track of her progress throughout the story and her final encounter with the real Link, she realizes that in the end she was nothing more than his counterpart and after this she joins him on a journey to find her real sense of "self" by finding the differences between her and Link.

-Currently written as a oneshot, may be expanded further on. (Mainly because it felt like a SI)

Twitter: IreJasmine
Patron: IreJasmine

Please leave a review in my stories if you like or hate them!

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