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Name: Justin Benjamin Brown

Age: 26

Birthday: July 27 1988

Author Form(Which is also my OC):

Human Form:

I am a Asian male with Dark Red Eyes and Blue Hair.


Dragon Super Hero Form:

My Super Hero form is a Gold Version of Jake Long's Dragon form but with Charizard Wings.

I also wear a Gold Ninja Suit Outfit.

My Powers are:

1. Breathing Fire

2. Breathing Ice

3. Breathing Lightning

4. Flight

5. Straight

6. Speed

7. Shadow Clone


1. Red Ninja Dragon Headed Sais

2. Blue Ninja Katanas

3. Purple Ninja Scythe

4. Gold Ninja Sword

Human form Name: Drago Elijah Yoshi

Super Hero Name: GoldDragonNinja

1. Hamato Yoshi(Splinter)(2012 Version)(Adopted Father)
2. Leonardo(2012 Version)(Adopted Brother)
3. Donatello(2012 Version)(Adopted Brother)
4. Raphael(2012 Version)(Adopted Brother)
5. Michelangelo(2012 Version)(Adopted Brother)
6. Karai(2012 Version)(Adopted Sister)
7. Julie Clare Yoshi (Sister)
8. Topanga Alli Yoshi (Sister)
9. Munro Dylin Yoshi (Brother)

(Me, Julie, Topanga and Munro are all Quadruplets)

Author/OC Form Age: 13

Favorite Actors/Actresses:

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