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Hello my fellow imaginers!!!!! I found this sight with my doggie named Voldie!!! jk lol!!! and its let my imagination grow!!!!! My FAVORITE story is the applepie story(BEST STORY EVER!!!!!). I am a Criminal Minds Superfan *hints the name* my real identity is is is... Spiderman aka the Dark Lord aka Voldemort aka Tom Riddle!!!! im just joking my real identy is Sharpy Evans!!!! ok for real tis time its actually Aarron Hotchner!!!! ok ok now my name is really Sa5m!!!!! (the 5 is silent) anyways I LO LO LO LO VE CRIMINAL MINDS!! I watch it everyday almost dudes i even made them as my characters in Sims!!!!! Well ths is really just me very boring and i have nnooooo life except reading my apple pie story and some others that intrest me!!! if theres any awsome Criminal Minds stories out there send them my way!!! :) I AM THE BIGGEST CRIMINAL MINDS FAN EVER!!!!!! (hints the name.b)Oh and all these Criminal Minds Freaks out there you need to watch on thee You-Tube Wheels up (Hotches Song) Best song ever!!! if you know anyone who sells criminal minds merchentdise them you know where I'm at. Oh and by the way i wll become a BAU Agent!! they will come to my house and will stow away in the SUV and make my switch onto the jet to Quantico and i will be part of the BAU family!!! Well I better go this thing has gone on to long and i have cit to protect!!!! or wizard to save (SPOILER ALERT!!!! HARRY POTTER= accent)

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