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.: Hello there, all that bother to read my bio! here's some random stuff about me...:.

.:General Info:.

I'm in highschool.

I'm a girl.

I love reading, writting, drawing, doing drama, and anime.

I tend to obssess over couples in animes and books.

I like yaoi and yuri couples.

I'm shy and quiet in real life.

All the fics i've written before this year royally suck. I hate them. I have since deleted them. =_=;

My writting has improved ALOT since then, and I intend to write new and better Fanfictions soon. (when ever insiration hits.)

.:Here are some animes and books and other fandoms I like:.


Harry Potter

"--There will be books written about Harry-- every child in are world will know his name!" -- A very true statement Professor McGonagall.

Ron/Hermione - I love the whole friends, love/hate, sidekick thing they got going on. This is what got me into fanfiction in the first place... :sigh: Good times...Goood tiiimes...

Harry/Ginny - They're cute together! And, happens!

Harry/Draco - This makes me laugh. Alot. YUS @ the Love/Hate couples! x3

Ginny/Luna - This idea occured to me somewhere through my second read through of fifth book. Honestly, I think it makes perfect sense. Leaf though OotP again if you doubt me; you'll see all the little Ginny/Luna bits. =)

Neville/Luna - They are rad. This is cute. The end.

Harry/Ron - I've become increasingly fond of this pairing. It's cute, and Ron IS the thing Harry cares about most. =3

Sirius/Remus - I have a softspot the size of Buckbeak for these guys. They're just together! Every scene with them is heart warming. -- Yay @ doggie love! x3

Teen Titans

"When there's trouble you no who to caaaall...TEEN TITANS!" -- Teen Titans theme song.

Beast Boy/Raven - Again, I love the love/hate, Opposites attract deals.

Robin/Starfire - Well come on now; You gotta be blind and deaf not to see this!

Cybrog/Jynx - 'Cause Jynx is cool and poor Cyborg needs sombody.

Starfire/Raven - It's has a strange sort of appeal for me. It conflicts with my other pairings...but it's just so darn cute. AND it makes sense.


"Hey Digimon, Hey Digimon, Monster friends to the boys and girls. Hey Dgimon! Hey Digimon! Champions of the digital world!" -- English season one theme song

Taichi/Yamato (Taito) - They are so cute and rival-y, while still remaining friendly and sweet. They make me smile. =)

Daisuke/Ken - Well, first of all they remind me of Taito. Secondly, once Ken joins the good guys they have this cute kind of relationship; Ken considers Daisuke his best friend and a comfort, and Daisuke sticks up for Ken no matter what.

Takuya/Kouji - They remind me strongly of NaruSasu with their rival/friend attitudes to eachother.


"I want to CHANGE THE WORLD!" -Inuyasha theme song.

Inuyasha/Kagome Again with the love/hate and obvious couples. Heh. You gotta love 'em.

Sango/Miroku - I love Miroku. He was my first Bishie-crush! XD These guys are great together, no doubt.

Sesshy/Rin - Aww...she likes him! It's so cute.

Sesshomaru/Naraku - Because honestly, I really just CAN'T see a straight Sessomaru. Sorry Rin. xP

Sesshomaru/Inuyasha - See reason above; add rivalness, chemistry and my total disregard for the the fact they're half-brothers.

Fruits Basket

"Strange choice of words but, yes. Our family's lived with this curse for generations. After a while we change back... Only thing is... :Poof: We're naked." -Shigure Sohma, explaining the curse.

Tohru/Kyo - I love Kyo-kyo :Glomps: I just think Kyoru just works better than Yukiru. I don't know exactly why, there's just more...tention, I guess.

Yuki/Haru - That's right! Haru's got the hots for him. X3

Kyo/Yuki/Tohru/Haru - OT4! That's write people, four people in love with each other. Get over it.

Ayame/Shigure/Hatori OT3! Because I can! There's nothing you can do to stop it! MUHAHAHAHA:Shot:

Hiro/Kisa - It's so CUTE!

Fullmetal Alchemist

"Humankind cannot gain anything without first giving something in return. To obtain, somthing of equal value must be lost. That is alchemy's first law of Equivalent Exchange. In those days, we really belived that to be the worlds one, and only truth." -- Alfonse Elric; intro to FullMetal Alchemist.

Roy/Ed - You heard me! I NEED NO EXPLAINATION:Bricked: -- But seriously, Ed and Roy have a sort of unspoken chemistry and love/hate-ness about them that really gets me.

Winry/Sciezka - They've got this sweet, awkward friendship going. Plus I ADORE Sciezka with a passion.

Al/Winry - 'Cause they're cute? Al does like her, don't he?

Elricest (Ed/Al) - Ok, ok...I have a soft stop for this sometimes. Can you blame me?


"My Name is Uzumaki Naruto, and I'm not going to lose to any of you!"-Uzumaki Naruto's excamation.

Naruto/Sasuke- My favorite anime couple of all time. The end. (NaruSau fan yourself? Then come on over!: http:///index.cgi)

Lee/Gaara - I love them both to bits and I LOVE them together. x3

Kakashi/Iruka - :shrug: 'Cause...I like 'em? (Is their really ANY legitamate reason for KakaIru besides 'It's hot'=/ )

Kiba/Hinata - Cuuuuute...

Shino/Kiba/Hinata - OT3! That's not a love triangle, it's a threesome-couple. 'Cause ninjas can love spread the love. I can see Kiba and Shino both being sweet to Hinata, while have this bicker sort of relationship them selves.

Shikamaru/Temari - They're both so cool and they'ya know?

Neji/Shikamaru - Ahh...Geniuses in love~

Temari/Tenten - I don't know what first got me to this pairing, but I find it works rather nicely. Why shouldn't my two favorite ninja girls be together?

Neji/Tenten - Not crazy for this or anything, but it does make sense to me.

Neji/Shikamaru/Tenten/Temari - My OT4~! Yes, you read that right. And yes, that's four people loving eachother. A foursome of my own creation I think, but i've really become attached to the idea.

Ino/Sakura - They're sweet together. They remind me forcably of NaruSasu.

Ino/Shikamaru/Chouji - I've slowly succumed to the appeal of this pairing. Their relationship is very dynamic. =3

Ino/Chouji - It makes my smile. Chouji's cute and Ino would earn some respect points if she started to like him; it'd prove she's not as shallow as she seems. :hem: 'still prefer Ino/Sakura though...

Kingdom Hearts

"Thinking of you wherever you are. We pray for our sorrows to end, and hope that our hearts will blend. Now I will step forward to relize this wish. And who knows? Starting a new journey might not be so hard. Or maybe it's already begun. There are many worlds, but they share that same sky. One sky. One destiny." - Kairi's Note

Riku/Sora - Okay, what first struck me with them was; "OMG! Those to are just like Sasuke and Naruto!" I was aborbed in the couple immediately. It turns out they're not quite as NaruSasu-y as I thought, but the appeal they have is, in some ways, even cuter than NaruSasu. They're sweeter to each other. =3

Axel/Roxas - 'Cause Roxas made Axel feel like he had a heart. UmyesCANON. =P

Leon/Cloud - Fanfiction is what first got me into this one. Then I began to notice their chemistry in the game. (Plus, Sora looks like Leon and Cloud's love child. XD) However, this is a strictly KH fandom pairing, I pair Cloud with other people in the Final Fantasy-verse.

Xemnas/Saix (ManSaix) -- Yes, I have succumed to the obligatory YouTube couple of the year. It's xD

Namine/Kairi - I dunno really. They were cute in the end of KHII. Holding hands and stuff. :Giggle:

Leon/Cloud~Sephiroth/Cloud - LOVE TRIANGLE OF DOOOOM! Heh, more crack then serious shipping.


"I AM JUSTICE!" - Raito and L

L/Raito -- Yay! Feel the love/hate, Geniusshipping Goodness. =D

Mello/Near -- Since I havn't gotten very far in the manga yet, so I can't quite explain how I got into this so quickly. But from the little bit of them I've seen, they seem to work; and in a really cute L/Raito-ish way.

Matt/Mello -- Because Matt's cute, he's got the hots for Mello, and Mello's whore! xD -- Seriously, Matt/Mello has MAJOR friendship/romantic appeal, as well as being very, very hot. xP

Ouran High School Host Club

"Therfore, this Ouran Host Club is about these handsome guys that have time, giving hospitality to these lovely ladies who also have time, and profit off them." -- Tamaki, explaining the Host Club.

Twincest - UmYesCANON.

Tamaki/Haruhi - I was a little dissapointed when I found out Haruhi was a girl, but thie couple kept my interessed nonetheless.

Mori/Hunny - BunnyBearLOVE! Don't question it.

Tamaki/Kyoya - This has a bit more tention and complexity to it then Tama/Haru does. And I like that=D

Kyoya/Tamaki/Haruhi - I see this as a completely reasonable OT3. It WORKS, damn it.

Final Fantasy: Advent Children

(Are you ready for me to make Cloud a Manwhore? Okay then!)

Cloud/Kadaj -- I know I'm not the only one who saw this all the way through Advent Children. =3 Kadaj is like a cuter, "gentler", more childish Sephy.

Sephiroth/Cloud -- Mwahahahahaha... Do I need a reason?

Reno/Cloud -- Psshh, Reno hits on everyone he comes in contact with, and he and Cloud have major AngstyQuiteStotic!Uke and CoolGoofyFlirty!Seme chemistry going on.

Vincent/Cloud -- They both are such lonely characters, and you can tell Vincent is potective of Cloud. They both NEED someone; Why not eachother?

Rude/Reno -- Naaawwww... They make me giggle. They're blantent chemistry and dynamic relationship is really appealing.

Sephiroth/Kadaj -- Kadaj IS very special to Sephy; After all, He did use him to come back to life. That, and Kadaj worships him as a God. They pose an interesting couple.

Princess Tutu

"Once upon a time, there was a man who died...His work was creating stories to tell other people." -- Opening intro to episode one.

Fakir/Mytho -- I am appalled there aren't more fans of this couple! They appealed to me right away with their mysteriously close relationship. Shame on you yaoi fangirls! I know you out there, now hurry up and get on this pairing! It NEEDS the love!

Fakir/Duck -- Something about this just tugs at my hearts strings. I dunno why, but I became increasingly fond of it as the series went on.

Rue/Mytho -- At first, I'd thougth I'd hate this pairing as much as I'd hate Rue. BUT! It turns out that's not the case at all. This couple, as well as Rue herself, have a certain irresistable draw to them. They're just to cool to hate.

Fakir/Mytho/Duck/Rue -- Yup that's right! It's another OT4! YAY! Seriously, this spawned off my inablity to choose a couple I liked best. Take a moment to think about it: it could work!


Ichigo/Ishida - Because Ishida is a flaming homosexual who wants Ichigo in his pants and Ichigo can't resist him. Ha, but seriously, I like the love/hate rival stuff, and this is a perfect example of forbbiden rival love.

Tatsuki/Orihime - They have a sweet, caring relationship that's really appealing

Tsubasa Cronicle

Kurogane/Fay -- I just love their dynamics. They are a married couple, but without being boring or cliche. Plus, you gotta love their cute bantering and arguments. Yay for BigDoggie/BigKitty love. =3

Syaoran/Sakura -- Although this couple almost put me off with It's clicheness, I ended up fond of it anyway. :sigh: Can you blame me?


"Dammit. There have been alot of people who have tried to get close to me; But none of them were as reckless, pushy, and stupid as you..." --Eiri Yuki talking to Shuichi Shindo.

Shuichi/Yuki - Well...that is what the whole anime's about! And Shu-chan's so cute :Snuggles:

Tatsuha/Ryuichi - Cause obsessive fanboy love is cute.


"I love you, Ritsuka..." -- Soubi

Soubi/Ritsuka -- I bundle of shota cuteness and angst. Oh Soubi, you loveable pedophile, you. =3

Youji/Natsuo -- They have this dark-and-scary-yet-crazy-cute thing going on that wierdly appeals to me.

Yamato/Kouya -- :sigh: Their story is so tragic and romantic!

Yayoi/Yuiko -- Poor Yayoi. He's so devoted, and they really would go well together.


"I like what I like, so THERE!" -- Translation of title

Sora/Sunao - They have a cute, love/hate bantery relationship that attracts my interest.

Yoru/Ran - Well, after Sora/Sunao, this is kind of a given. =P

Shinichirou/Nanami - They're like really a cute married couple...who have random kinky sex in math rooms. :sweatdrop: Yeah...

Sei/Shiina/Kitamura - Chibi!OT3. Because they're cute and cuddley and obviously gay for eachother. It's Sukisho damnit; EVERYONE'S gay.

Rurouni Kenshin

Kenshin/Karou - I love the way they pull on each others ponytails. It's like a cute little sign of affection.

Sanosuke/Megumi - Again, love the random love hate stuff.

Kenshin/Sanosuke - Their's a kind of sweet loyalty between these two that makes them work.


Chi/Hideki - Yay Chi!

Shimizu/Shimbo - Heh. It was so random when it happend that is made me laugh.

Sumomo/Kotoko - Haha...ChibiComputer!Love. XD

-Quote O' the moment-

Q: "Where do babies come from?"

A: "Vaginas."

--Anime Boston 2007, "Anime Unscripted"

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