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Updated 1/12/16

Name: Crystal, CrystalKill

Age: 16

Looks: Tall with bust length hair and brown eyes.

Hi everyone, I'm Crystal, CrystalKill to be exact. Just your simple girl who really loves horror.

If you used to follow me, then I guess you still remember the time when I was QueenofMusicLeea. I'm not that girl anymore. A lot has happen since I was last here and I actually intend to say it.

I became suicidal. Yup, guess its pretty hard to be me. I literary made three suicidal attempts, but someone just had to stop me. Ew, I'm becoming emo, ew.

I changed some ways too, like I somehow became more dark than I am already am. I listen to songs by FOB, My Chemical Romance, Five Seconds of Summer, Etc. I became a bit sweary, so don't mind that shit. I own some weapons, like a shotgun, knifes, a bow, arrows, tomahawk that is hiding somewhere, etc. I also know karate and a bit of Martial Arts. I am currently taking military classes at my school, cause there's a chance that a war can happen, and because of this, I know how to use riffles and swords better.

Don't expect me to be such a goody two shoes girl, cause I won't be like that anymore. Sure, I'll be kind to you at first. However if you dare cross the line, I won't hesitate.

So please don't be a dick. Wear a condom if you are going to act like that.

I don't care if you don't like my stories, they are pretty shitty. I don't care if you don't like the way I write, people have different options these days anyways. I seriously don't care if you don't like the way I am right now, cause you don't even know me in first fucking place.

So until I have some fucking free time, you just have to wait for my next update.

P.S. I am giving away my story 'Battle for His Heart' for real. If anyone wants that story, talk to me first before copying it you shit head. I will find you and I don't care how to deal with you, as long as there is some bone crushing involve.

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