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I wrote fanfiction for a while, took a break, and now I'm back. Not much else to say here :P

Reference Artwork: So for a story I've been posting on since I came back, I've created a few images for reference on some of the characters I figured people would want to know my intended image of and put them on Pixiv. They're just AI Generated images, though, so obviously I can't take any real credit for making them, but hey, I figured it'd be nice to have something for the readers to reference. I'll probably keep doing this for any new characters I add in as well, but we'll see.

In case none of the below links work, just add w w w . p i x i v . n e t after the first two // and obviously remove the spaces...

If that doesn't work, link is as follows: w w w . p i x i v . n e t / e n / u s e r s / 9 0 3 6 4 8 4 2

Sorry if FFnet is a pain with this stuff, but if you want to see the pictures for reference, you should have everything you need here.

Persona Trinity:

Pixiv Profile Link - https:///en/users/90364842

1) Older Yu (Ch. 1) - https:///en/artworks/104681350

2) Female Yu (Ch. 23) - https:///en/artworks/104681380

3) Female Ren (Ch. 23) - https:///en/artworks/104681406

4) Chad Ren (Ch. 38 Onwards) - https:///en/artworks/104681419

5) Tetsuo Jirikishi: OC Detective Character as seen on Ch. 20 onwards - https:///en/artworks/104681456

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