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Angelica, 31 year old Swede.

Homebody, enjoys spending time with my two cats, reading smut, knitting, cooking, baking, gardening (Whatever I can get away with in my parents backyard), watching movies (No horror) and listening to music (No favourite genre but not into classical or rap). I do enjoy traveling every now and then, somewhere warm as Sweden is a cold place to be most of the year XD.

Happily single live in an apartment with hella houseplants. Looking for a small house for me, my plants and my two black cats. With a big kitchen for all the cooking and baking I do (getting tired and cold with having the balcony door open for the cats so they dont scream their heas off outside when the door is closed). Cant forget the garden for all the fruit trees and berry bushes I will plant and the vegetable plots i will make. And a cat flap for the cats to come and go as they please.

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