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Because of the unique Covid-19 situation we've found ourselves in, I've decided to give fanfiction writing another crack. Since I last logged on in 2017, life has changed hugely and as I head off to university in the autumn, I hope to contribute something again to this website. Writing post-Harry Potter generation stories is difficult but presents itself as a fantastic challenge. I hope you enjoy anything of mine you stumble across and if you're a bit bored, leave me a review? Anything's hugely appreciated!

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SeekerDraconis23 :)

2021 update:

I'm giving my Albus Severus Potter series a good, old-fashioned overhaul, revamping the characterisation, the plot, the settings, whilst keeping the spirit of it alive. I'm also planning to do weekly/fortnightly chapter uploads as they tend to fall between the 5,000-6,000 mark. As well as that, I'm hoping to sort of diverge into other canons... Wish me luck!

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