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GingerDivergentShadowhunter PM
Joined Jun '13

I am your average teenager that has a MASSIVE obsession with Divergent.

Facts about me!!

Age: 13

Hair Colour: Ginger (hence the name GingerDivergent)

Eye Colour: Blue

Favourite Artists: Colbie Caillat, Adele, Katy Perry, Taylor Swift, Ellie Goulding, Christina Perri

Favourite books: Divergent, Insurgent, The Host and The Hunger Games

Favourite movies: The Host, The Hunger Games, The Twilight Saga

Favourite TV programe: The White Queen (it's a british series about The wars of the roses. I don't normally like history stuff but I promise you The White Queen is amazing!!! To those of you that watch it I cried when Anthony-the queen's brother- died)

Favourite Colour: light blue

Favourite Food: Fish and Chips

Favourite Faction: Dauntless

Favourite Characters from Divergent: Tris and Natalie Prior

Favourite Characters from The Hunger Games: Prim and Rue (I cried when they both died)

Favourite Character from The Twilight Saga: Renesme

Favourite Character from The Host: Wanda

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