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Hrmm. What to say. I've been reading stories from this site since i had the internet... prrly 1996 or 1998 ish. Can't remember lol. I've never been much of a writer. I've wrote some ideas and made some outlines but never had the will to do more.

I mostly read. ALOT lol. Thousands and thousands of stories. This site has pretty much become a main source of entertainment for me over the years. I've seen genre's appear, get popular and fade away. (It's always sad when that happens :(). I'd have to say the site has been very good to me over the years and i'm very happy there is a place where folks can post stories they are inspired to write :). I guess the only thing i don't like about the site is not really the sites fault. Folks that don't finish their story when they say they are going to. Ugh bugs me long time lol. (i'm talking to you Aijou & Aitou ;P((still feeling it after 20 years :feelsbadman:))

I've made this profile mainly to help keep track of all the stories i read and don't want to forget about xD. Because sadly, i've either forgotten more stories then i've read or the site/author has taken them down over the years :p

I'm on the site so much it almost feels like a second home lol...

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