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My name is Isil'zha BLZ. Isil'zha is a Minbari word which means change, changing the future, or coming of a new age. BLZ is a combination of letters that I like for no particular reason. I am a 26 year old male, and right now I am currently working on an AoT story, and trying to ignore an ATLA story I need to finish but is somehow ironically my most popular story. Any constructive criticism is greatly appreciated, and if you enjoy what I do, feel free to follow me to find out about future stories. I enjoy a number of different mediums, including novels, TV shows, movies, anime, and video games.

I don't really like the copy and paste things that people sometimes do, as it tends to make their profile look like a chain letter. However, I think these are some good ones to have:

Courtesy Need Not Die

I am a believer in online courtesy. Anonymity is no excuse to behave like an ass. Whether I am posting reviews as a reader or receiving them as a writer, I will know the difference between constructive criticism meant to help writers improve and flames meant to anger or hurt. If I am a reader, I will use tact in my critiques, and if I cannot say something constructive I will say nothing at all. If I am a writer, I will understand that I cannot improve unless I am made aware of my shortcomings, and will not insult people who point out errors or disagree with my execution. I will not feed the trolls; if someone is rude to me, I will resist the urge to respond in kind.

Copy and paste in your profile if you believe in internet civility.

Sane Fangirl/Fanboy Vows (feel free to copy and paste)

1. There is a difference between fictional characters and the actors/actresses who play them.

2. I will keep in mind that my favorite ship may not necessarily have the same appeal to other members of the fandom.

3. Disagreeing with me does not make anyone a less worthy fan than I am.

4. Not everyone shares my opinions regarding slash.

5. If I write fanfic, I will use a beta.

6. If I write fanfic, I will know what a Mary Sue is and how not to write one.

7. If I write fanfic, I will study the characters and make an effort to keep them in character.

8. If I write fanfic, I will study the rules of the universe and avoid breaking them without a reasonable explanation.

9. My personal dislike for a character does not make that character the epitomy of evil.

10. If I dislike a character, I will do so for a better reason than because I have the hots for said character's love interest.

11. Real people have real lives; fictional characters do not. I will know the difference between the two and will treat the former with the respect they deserve.

Writer's Pledge:

I will...

Never leave a story unfinished. (Still need to work on this one)

Never hold a story hostage for reviews. (Been tempted, but haven't done this yet)

Never post anything that I don't genuinely think is good. (Mostly true)

Treasure every review, and treat constructive criticism with respect. (I think I do this)

Never post anything that hasn't been edited. (I'm really good about this one)

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