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A little about me...

I am in my forties, I live in a suburb of Ottawa, Ontario. I am crafter on disability, and I write as way to keep myself sane. My profile pic is a glimpse of my little business Moon Dream Creations.

I originally learned to read and write in French so as a result my grammar is a little wonky but I've never found a bata I've trusted and who can keep up with me. So I'm sorry for the mistakes you might find. I have eye problems, chronic migraine and have dealt with depression and still fight with anxiety as part of my reality, which sometimes plays out in fic. I was also hospitalised a few years ago I don't remember much about that time but it has changed me. I find that my writing is a little different and my outlook on life has completely changed. I realise how lucky I am to have the support I have around me and it's possible parts of that might find its way into my writing.

I have been writing for almost as long as I can remember but really got into writing fic in middle school, I have notebooks full of X-files fic from those days. I also write a lot of poetry and original stuff and utilize fictionpress and allpoetry. It took me a long time to learn to write for myself and not for reviews. But I still love reviews. Although some of my oldfic is incomplete all of my newfic is completed before I post and I always update daily (barring ff being strange or it's my birthday).

I have been a member of for a long, long time and it's got some issues but I've also made some amazing friends along the way. I do believe in fic karma, and always try to return reviews, but I really don't watch a lot of network TV, I'm pretty much a history, political science, ect geek.

After abandoning fic in the past I decided I would only post completed fic so I don't leave anyone in limbo, nor update literally years later and confuse readers. When I tick off complete I mean it.

I have been a part of many fandoms, starting with the X-files as a teenager, which is where my love of fic blossomed from. Through fic I have made some friends and have always loved the community that comes along, however I have recently started writing in the NCIS fandom, and it's really opened my eyes to the dark side of fic. Don't get me wrong there are some great reviewers out there, but the negative ones are over the top. I'm tough skinned, and I write what I want to write. It's hard not to respond to those folks in some way but I also have taken to deleting posts like that.

Most importantly I hope that any young/new author in the fandom realise that these people are the bullies of the internet. Don't let them win. I know that it hurts when you are proud of something and someone rips you a new one. But they're not mad at you. They're mad at the powers that be and are tilting and windmills in hopes to silence those who don't subscribe to their version of how they see the show. Don't let them win. Keep writing what you want to write and focus on the positive, okay?

This is a no negativty zone. All negative non-constructive reviews will be erased and/or reported.

Hearts, and hugz for all the support ff friends/family and strangers. It makes my day to know there might be a positive note in my inbox about what I've written.

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