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Thank you to all who read and review/follow/favourite my stories, I hope you continue to enjoy them! It means a lot to me to see any kind of positive feedback that people appreciate my writing. I started writing for fun about the same time I signed up on here, so I have a lot of stories that are half finished or only the barest outlines. Half of them won't see the light of day ever but I do want to try becoming a professional writer so I'm sharing my best attempts for you to read and critique. I have no beta reader so I apologise for any mistakes or errors in my work.

A bit about me: I first discovered Fanfiction a few years ago now and I loved it as soon as I started reading. Yes there may be some rather shocking stories, and others that I wish I hadn't read, but overall I love the creativity we can show through our shared passions of these worlds. Especially in the cases of fandoms that have so little canon material to see (i.e. Firefly), I love how people can pick up an idea and run with it to deepen our exploration of the fandom.

I have studied Conservation Biology at university, which is where I got the name... apparently I was the only one on our course with a sense of direction!! (It probably helps that as a child I was constantly wandering off and getting lost, so I cultivated a habit of remembering my route back to where my family was) I've grown up running wild in the countryside which is my natural habitat where I find I get most of my inspiration to write. However I also love having the time to explore cities, feeling the pulse of the city and seeing how diverse we as a race can be. I'm currently taking a year out, to focus on finding myself, hopefully get writing, and to explore the world.

I have been pretty terrible at responding to messages so far, however as I said above I am now a free agent so will hopefully will be checking up on here more regularly.

See you around!

- The Homing Pigeon

I feel that I should put a note here saying that (obviously) I do not own any of the characters/places etcetera used in any of my stories, apart from the non-canon characters and places. Where possible I like to try to build places and people I have seen into my stories to add an extra personal touch, but other than those memories I own nothing. All rights belong to the original creator and associated companies of the relevant Fandom rather than me, unfortunately!

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