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Heller person, how goes it?

I LOVE drawing, because why? I'm into anime drawing and I'm not to shabby at it.

Okay so, Lesbionest here, Im "So gay and I dont even like boys."

A bit about myself: Well, I was born in texas, still live here, and love music, a lot, becauseI think of it as in the state when I'm mad, sad, or angry. Music helps me in more ways than people think. Drawing too, I can express my feelings on papar whan I need to.

Have you ever had a continuous dream? I had a continues dream, lasting 10 weeks, and is still continuing. I'm also goofy, as people say. I also have a depressing side, from the things I have seen or felt, you would understand why. Well ANYWAYYYYYYYY lets continue with things...

A story based on what happend to my friend, and what I did to stop it...

So some bitches at my school were picking on my friend, almost everyone in school was downstairs in the cafeteria including teachers and what not. I forgot my backpack upstairs, and I was walking in the upstairs hallway, amd there comes a turn, but before I turn... I hear this...

"Dude, just get away from me, please!"

"Dont tell me what to do you little shit! *slap*"

She yelps and I almost jump in then and there and beat the shit out of this bitch, but I dont I know she will stand up for herself! She has to...

"What the fuck did I do to you?!"

"YOU DONT TALK TO ME THAT WAY!" *punch* why... Is she not fighting back?

"*sobbs* please... stop hurting me... I'm sorry for what ever I did! LEAVE ME ALONE!"

"You bitch, dont you DARE yell at me!" Thats it, time for a hoe to pay. Before she could hit my poor beaten friend, I jumped in and caught her wrist before she hit her again.

"Dont. You. DARE. Hit. Her... YOU BITCH! I then puched her stomach, hard. She wobbled as she groaned. She looked up at me then charged. Forcing me into the lockers, I fell back, but quickly got up and grabbed her arm and twisted it enough to hurt a lot, but not hard enough to break it.

"You can hit me *twist* but you will NEVER TOUCH HER!" I said as I slammed her onto the floor.

"Now get out of here *kick* you little shit." I picked her up by her hair and said "But tell anyone, and I will beat you in ways that will make you wish you would die..." I let her go and she runs around the corner. I wiped the blood from my mouth, and went over to my friend.

I touched her shoulder and she flinched.

"Hey, dude, it me. Dont worry, that bitch wont be hurting you anymore-

Just then I feel something slice my arm, I yell in pain, clutching my arm, then turn around, its the same girl, and she has a knife in hand. I took at my arm, to my friend, eyes wide, then back to the girl. She laughs as she grabs me by me wound, and I try to muffle a pained scream. "Think you can mess with me and get away with i-"

Before she can finish I launch myself on her grab the knife from her, then stab her right leg. She shrieks and I punch her square in the jaw. "I think I just did, and like I said, tell anyone and your FINISHED!" She gets up again and runs away, again. I drop the knife in the trash can and go over to my poor friend.

"Are you okay? "

She looked up at me and collapsed in my arms, sobbing in my shoulder

I winced, then asked, "Hey, whats wrong? Shes gone, she wont hurt you anymore!"

"THATS THE THING! Its my fault that you got beat up! Look at you!" She starts to cry uncontrollably then whispers "All my fucking fault..."

I hug her tightly then take her chin in my hand. But then she does the weirdest thing, she kissed me. I dont fight it, and my body does its own thing, and I kiss back.

This is insane! I'm kissing my crush/friend! Holy shit.

We part and I hug her. She hugs back and says "Im sorry."

"For what? Suprise kissing me or for my wounds?" (They have stopped bleeding, but still hurt.)


"Well..." I kiss her again, but just a peck. "I liked the kiss..."

She smiles then gives me another kiss.

I smile then she says

"Thank you... I owe you."

"No you dont." I grin, and she blushes.

I walk with her to her class, hand in hand, so she can get her backpack, I get mine as well and we head back downstairs to the rally.

To this day, we are still together, and the bitch and her little friends run when they see me, and never go near my now girlfriend. She still thanks me, and gives me a big hug, and a kiss everyday.

My point being, stand up for your friends, dont do what I did if you dont need to. Because they are always there for you when you need them most. Be there for your friends too.

(This is a true story, this happend to me, I did NOT steal this from ANYONE!)

Favorite Ships:

Bubbline (Because BUBBLINE BITCH!)

Puckentine (Because of the odd couple dynamic and things)

Makorra (This one and...)

Korsami (Mostly this one LOK wise)

Ichigorihime (Because they be purffff for each other)

Lets see... an animal lover, because there awesome. I have a wild Imagination, but most of you would like it


Have a lot of ideas for FanFics, but idk how to post/start them. (I'm mostly on my tablet but I'll give my computer a go if needed. (Someone help me with that? Cx)

Well I guess tha- tha- tha- tha- thats all folks!



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