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Hi Everyone

I am living in Germany and also grow up there

What explains also my bad grammar...sorry shouldnt be a excuse I am working on that promise!!

I like mostly Dragonball Z story especially Bulma & Vegeta story-- look at my favourites it only them lol..xD

I am mostly a reader but I will also try later on to write some story by my own

Just began to write something I will soon upload it ( will still rewrite some of them again as my Grammar is bad I know)

Dont rip me because of my English lol.. but i you want you can do so ;)

No I did not abbonde any of my stories...they will just take time!!

BIG THANKS to my BETA READER VegetasNo1.!!

If you have any suggestions for improvement just let me know by review or message

Really good made FanFication Writter are Vegeta'sNo.1 and also TeeLee123

*Under Construction TITEL WHAT IF*

I was lately thinking about a fic that goes like this.. but is an Idea that I have since in my head..

What will happen if Vegeta suppose to marry a Princess which Vegetas father had long for him decided but had instead now his own family with Bulma

Somehow Bulma & Vegeta will lost all the memorize caused by the Princess and her father...

They do not know again that they are LOVERS and even have 2 children together the last they remember is that in 3 Year the Cybots will come or even more lost memorise?!...

That will be fun but I will work first on it before posting thanks to Beta Reader they will be up soon..

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