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... To anyone who will or have PMed me, I apologize if I wasn't able to respond at a timely manner or at all. I mostly read through the official FFN app and the devs still haven't fixed the issues the mobile app has on PMs from browser users. If it is urgent, you could contact me through SpaceBattles forums where I lurk like the leviathan under the depths of the sea.


I've been a fanfiction reader since 2013 when I was still so young and naive. I am exposed to a variety of them since then and mostly grasp the flow of consistency and handling of characters and original characters for a fanfic to be readable for both new and old readers of this fanfiction community. In saying that, I apologize if you see my pointed reviews sometimes that could be misconstrued as flaming.

With the Beta Reader-esque intro out of the way, onto other things. I've been playing video games since 2003 and was exposed to the various genres. The ones I like the most are Strategy, FPS, Adventure and Fantasy. Games like CC Generals, Dawn of War, Call of Duty series, a select few from the Final Fantasy series, God Eater series and the Persona games.

I also have been watching anime since 2004, began my journey to manga in 2010 and reading light novels in earnest since 2011. Here are my favorite ones from these media (in order of whatever comes to mind first):

1. Code Geass

2. Gundam 00

3. Soul Eater

4. Angel Beats

5. Jobless Reincarnation in Another World

6. Goblin Slayer

7. Bleach

8. Guilty Crown

9. Sword Art Online

10. Knight's and Magic

11. Tokyo Ravens

12. Air Gear

13. Tensei Shitara Slime Datta Ken

14. Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann

15. Arpeggio of Blue Steel

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