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Hello ,you'd like to know some things about me. Heh, here we go:

Location: Longview,Washington,America

Age(currently): 15

Favorite books:Harry Potter,Holes,The Cronicles of Narnia,Skeleton Man,and Just Ella, Garfield books

Favorite Movies:Harry Potter movies,Holes,Finding Nemo,The Goonies,the Back to the Future trilogy,School of Rock,Lilo and Stitch,and The Emperor's New Groove (David Spade rocks!).

Favorite Music/Artists/Musicians:Cher,Billy Joel,Elton John,Stevie Wonder,Stevie Nicks,Avril Lavigne,Barbera Streisand,The School of Rock, Blues Brothers.

Favorite Musicals: The Lion King, Chicago,and Mama Mia.

Love Interest: Harry Potter (If anyone gets an angry review from me about a Harry/Somebody pairing, this is the reason. Hears giggleing from a friend online.) JAMI, YOU BETTER KEEP QUIET ABOUT THIS OR I'LL VOODOO YOU! YES, I CAN DO THAT! Actually, the only Harry/Anyone pairing I can read without my stomach forming a knot is Harry/Luna. GO LOONY LUNA!


A Fangirl's Fantasy: I wrote this for my pen pal, who is in love with Inuyasha, so it's basically really pointless to anyone else who reads it...the second chapter is more of a "For the People" thing, so get your butts to my first story and review the second chapter! I was going to have pictures in the next chapter, but I guess doesn't allow visual aids! Third chapter is up at this time, so READ!

Find a Little Heaven: A songfic about Harry thinking of Sirius and finding out Sirius really never left him. To the "All Dogs Go To Heaven" theme song. I wrote it in 30 minutes, so it's not my greatest piece of work.

Chicago! Harry Potter style: Has been deleted by the tacky music-haters at (gives big-wigs at a nice, wet raspberry).

Not Your Average MarySue: Basically a typical MarySue story, but with an unexperienced MarySue, which will result in very un-MarySue-like behavior!

Writing Career Update: I'm currently writing a Harry/You story, and I hope someone, anyone, will find it in their heart to give it a chance. The odds are that will delete it after a few months, but not to worry! I'm planning on posting it at (where they allow that kind of stuff)on my account under the same name, so don't worry about losing it (if anyone finds it interesting enough).

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