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Salutations and happy springtime, all!

Pen Name: ashstar54321

Name: Just call me Ashstar.

Age: Teenager

Birthday: Winter

House: Ravenclaw/Puckwudgie

Religion: Lutheran Christian


Movies: Fantasia 2000, Miss Potter, Fried Green Tomatoes

Music: Heather Dale, Indigo Girls, Celtic Woman.

Animal: Quokka

Musical: Titanic, Amelie, Bonnie and Clyde

Color: Indigo

Authors: Edgar Allan Poe, I have a particular soft spot for Beatrix Potter.

TV shows: Miss Fisher's Murder Mysteries, Whodunnit?, almost to season 4 of Downton Abbey!

Podcasts: Wooden Overcoats, Fireside Mystery Theatre: The Midnight Readings, Deadly Manners

Food: Seaweed salad

Book Series: Harry Potter, Come Hell or High Ball (by Maia Chance)

Kindness begets kindness. So long as you show respect and consideration, I will do the same.

And now some warning labels…

"Do not use if you cannot see clearly to read the information in the information booklet." -- In the information booklet.
"Caution: The contents of this bottle should not be fed to fish." -- On a bottle of shampoo for dogs.
"Do not use while unconscious." -- On a hand-held massaging device.
"Shin pads cannot protect any part of the body they do not cover." -- On a pair of shin guards.
"This product is not to be used in bathrooms." -- On a bathroom heater.
"Caution: Hot beverages are hot!" -- On a coffee cup.
"Do not recharge, put in backwards, or use." -- On a battery.
"Do not use for drying pets." -- In the manual for a microwave oven.
"Warning: knives are sharp!" -- On the packaging of a sharpening stone.
"Caution: Remove infant before folding for storage." -- On a portable stroller.
"Do not iron clothes while on body." -- On packaging for an iron.
"For indoor or outdoor use only." -- On a string of Christmas lights.
"Do not turn upside down." -- On the bottom of a supermarket dessert box.
"May be harmful if swallowed." -- On a shipment of hammers.
"Do not attempt to stop the blade with your hand." -- In the manual for a chainsaw.
"Do not dangle the mouse by its cable or throw the mouse at co-workers." -- From a manual for a computer.
"Warning: May contain nuts." -- On a package of peanuts.
"Warning: May cause drowsiness." -- On a bottle of Nytol sleeping pills.
"Do not put in mouth." -- On a box of bottle rockets.
"Not dishwasher safe." -- On a remote control for a TV

Fics that I've yet to actually finish:
Dinner Party:
Probably permanent hiatus...I may try to rewrite it? Maybe?? I don't know???
Q&A with the Bohemians!: Not entirely certain what happened to that. I'll probably add more if I get any more comments/questions.
Mystery Case Files: Fate's Carnival: I promise I'll write another chapter...eventually. Also finish the Ravenhearst quintet. And then Dire Grove. And maybe a Madame Fate prequel...

I sometimes talk to myself, but at least I'm good company!

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