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Hey everyone, you probably know me from my Ash and Dawn story, but here's a little about me!

Name: Josh

Age: 28

Location: Sunny England!

Occupation: Works for the Government. Studying part time.

A little about me: So yeah I'm a 'genwunner' as they call it, starting my Pokemon days with red and blue. 1998 was an amazing time to be a kid and I'm glad I was old enough to appreciate it when it came, my childhood is filled with fond memories of the game and collecting the cards.

I'm tall, standing around 6'5, and it wasn't until recently that I started re-watching old Pokemon episodes while training slayer when OSRS came out, that I actually took an interest in the games and the show again. Of course when I got to the DP Saga I just ended up shipping Ash with Dawn instantly, which is was birthed my fic in the first place. The BW Saga was boring as all hell though (except the games, the BW games had the best villains of any game), but at least they improved it with XY.

Once I'd gotten through all the Pokemon episodes there were, I started trying other well liked shows, such as Naruto, Bleach and eventually One Piece and Fairy Tail, and having watched the first three completely, I can safely say I love them to pieces.

So that's all I can think to put here for now, I currently have a sequel in the works and a bunch of other projects running, so I'll post all my updates here. Keep tuned in guys and thanks for the support!


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