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Okay let's start this. I'm well into my summer vacation and I actually have stuff to do...

I'll be updating the current stories I have up and finish them up as soon as I can [can you believe one of them is a challenge that I've been on for over a year? I'm pathetic... Also some of the "blog" stuff I had written has been deleted and only left information that is actually relevant to my fics. Sorry for the awful hiatus I placed upon on my stories but hopefully they along with my loyal reviewers will forgive me. =


Well, I just edited the last chapter of the 4 part story I wrote for LT, and I have to say the cheesiness of the beginning and middle made me giggle and nod at myself shamefully. I'm ever so thankfult to those ppl that actually took the time to read it and review it. THANK YOU SO MUCH! And I don't think I'm a hard critic to myself 'cause I actually ADORE the way I ended, grammarly like and story based. 'sigh' Anyways...


I updated Love Themes w/o sending it out to the nice ppl that offered to beta it but I didn't want to bother them since it has been forever since I've contacted them and also I wanted to update as soon as possible and betaing it takes it time. Another reason was that Chap. 10- "Kisses and Disguises" is one of the most original stories I've come up and one the weirdest. I hope someone makes a little sense of it and gets a laugh out of it since it's also my first real attempt at humor.

YAY! Finally finished! I confess I just wanted to end THIS story as fast as I could. So TA-DAH! to me! Sorry for the shortnes.

I swear that I'll try not to write such confusing works in the near future. If you need a more in-depth explanation on a certain part I'd more than happy to oblige!

The hidden plot of this fic is that Jinx becames feeling "disgruntled" and Wally notices it. He makes attempts to coax the reason out of her but it is in vain. It is apparent to him that Jinx is ready to end their romantic relationship and more relunctance than willingless he ends their relationship and not a moment too late for Jinx was about to if he hadn't anticipated their convesation. Most guys are like that, they cannot be the dumpee they have to be the dumper or so help their ego. She leaves and the rumors begin popping up. He becames restless and looks out for her and finds her happy as can be. And so he gives dating another try, in as mentioned in one of the chapters he is seen inside a restaurant with another young lady, I like to see her as Linda, not me, but that other one, ugh I don't like her. Or as Raven though not as a date. I don't know. It's all up to your imagination. Jinx appears to have been in depression but during that time she is actually taking into account what will happen to her baby, how she will be able to handle her pregnancy and all of those questions. And I don't know about you but when you're twenty-something with no family in sight and pregnant, ANd no baby father in sight either (who's fault is that now?) it's kinda nerve wracking.

The reason I have behind Jinx not telling the dad is that she probably doesn't want to hold him down with that excuse, as she might see it. I think she is still hesitant on the honesty that his love is being placed upon her, ready to give anything and everything for her. She cannot believe someone with his stature would fall in love with someone like her. Not that she has a low self-esteem just that she never though it was going to be like that.

So later on, Jinx decides to move away from those silly rumors and him. She ends up in the infamous Gotham City, she is wheedled to move to a smaller city for the safety of her unborn child. Though she now knows it's gonna be a girl. She moves to a nearby city, and rents out a condo fit with all the necessities and ready to welcome a baby. Though as each day passes by she becomes hesitant with her surroundings and talks them over with her friends. They suggest moving to her home country, India. Just so she won't have that abhorrent view of it just because she wasn't raised properly there. She thinks about it but cannot make a decision. So far, she hadn't heard anything from Wally and so takes into consideration that she also doesn't want to leave this place with such a petty excuse. And she doesn't want to leave before her "surprise" baby shower is thrown.


Alright so during Part I, this mysterious man is introduced describing his first encounter with her. He somehow becames infatuated with her right there and then and runs after her. The only thing he is able to get out of her is her bitterness and her name.

Onto Part II. The man, name still unknown, goes on a "search out" to find out more about Jinx. Though he may seem to have fallen in love with Jinx, well...I'm gonna leave that part to you guys but personally I didn't make it with that intention. My explanation I guess is that since he was a reporter and a writer he was entranced by the...ugh, I can't find the words. Anyways, he actually was able to find out some stuff on Jinx and the info that he has takes up the rest of 'Pleased to Meet You' chapter, I'm awed at the fastest I came up with the chapter titles! I guess I shouldve'd just done one title and then placed in the parts along with it, but w/e.

In 'A Reason, A Conversation,' otherwise known as Part III. The information the man gathered also held awful rumors like it is explained though I'm not too sure, some of you guys understood what the man subtlely stated, 'What tore at his heart was the "whisper" that tainted Jinx's sane state of mind.' The rumors went as far as too place Jinx in the looney house (I needed some humor in this fic, huh?) That's actually my favorite part. Another 'discovery' he is able to find is a picture of Jinx with tears running down her face, though it is obvious those had been added on. That part is one of my least favorite things I placed in this story. I just don't like it. THEN Raven is introduced in the chapter as a close friend of Jinx. The man has a kind of interview with her in hopes of actually finding some intimate information about his gal. They end the chapter talking about Jinx's current choices in color and in clothing. I know weird, but again...w/e. ;)

And at last, el fin. It's basically the remainder of Raven's interview. And my least favorite part, when Raven talks about the kid. Oh, yes we also find out Jinx is pregnant. Woot! Woot! Wait-a-minute, should we be happy about that?-Sigh-, well, anyways Raven also goes into how Jinx's child will change everything for Jinx for the better. Oh, and I was able to make it clear that Jinx isn't a teenager anymore, I did give a hint that during their relationship they were in college. So I guess Jinx could be in her early twenties, perfect time for the body to be pregnant. I think. At least that's what I heard. Okay, so at the very end, Raven leaves on her way to check up some stuff that is clearly pointed out but before leaving she had apparently left an invitation for him.

Oh, and the still unborn child is Kid Flash's, could he be now Flash? I'm kind wondering.

Double Oh, and on an ending note! Our dear KF was not the meanie here at all. Just as it was brought to my attention by a reviewer, on Part 3, there was a note saying that KF was betrayed, that was actually a note to myself so I wouldn't forget what the story was about completely and what the components I was to make of. I left it up as a souvenir to myself, yeah I know, I'm weird. And I'm lovin' it!

Little Know Facts 'bout Me:

Fav. Movie: The Breakfast Club Uncut, Corpse Bride, Fifth Element, Crime Spree, Monsters Inc., Howl's Moving Castle, Spirited Away, Crash, Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, White Chicks, The Sixth Sense, The Others,

Fav. Manga: Alice 19th, Host Club, Imadoki!Nowadays and Hana-Kimi. Eventhough my manga collection is much more extensive. Oh, wait a minute, Inu-Yasha is also pretty funny and romantic. AND Lovelessand Kaze Hikaru, Vampire Knight, Crimson Hero,

Fav. Anime: Spirited Away (IT'S THE BEST!), One Piece, Inu-Yasha, YGO (I don't watch it as often. So when I saw the YGO G/X, I was totally confused. At first I thought they were the kids of the original YGO so I was pretty happy, by the way I'm a Jounouchi and Mai fan all the way baby! But then I looked it up, and it wasn't. It didn't really matter though, I only watched it because of the cute uh...monsters I guess they are and the humor. The dueling was to hard to keep up with and it confused me, therefore boring me to death...well, almost to death since I'm here typing this.) I wasted my energy typing all of that so I can only think of this: Full Metal Alchemist, Samurai Champloo,what else, what else... oh well I'll think of something sooner or later...and Cowboy Bebop (I LOVE the music), AND OF COURSE RANMA 1/2 (Woot! Woot!)

Fav. Books: Harry Potter (ever heard of it? The books are better than the movies, at least that's my opinion), and I'm a fan of Joan L. Nixon, Edgar Allen Poe (The Masque of the Red Death, Annabelle Lee, The Raven) and... brain going on sleep mode...oh and Diana Wynne Jones...

Name: Linda, and no I'm not a '60s child. My parents weren't even thinking about having children then.

Age: a lady never, but never tells her age...well, that sure counts me out (you know you can just go to my homepage and check it there)

Gender: Guess... no just go ahead and guess

Hey Rae and Rob fans!

Here are some links on their relationships unless otherwise noted:

Like this one...


it's a Rae/Star but the song is great and the video is very well made (and no, I'm NOT a supporter of that couple)

This is one of my absolute favorites...


This vid is a tribute to the Teen Titan girls including Terra, that lady from the brotherhood of evil, Jinx and so on...the song is contagious and I know some FRENCH!YAY! ...voulez vous coucher avec moi, ce soir, voulez vous coucher avec moi, ce soir...coucher avec...hmmm, wonder what that means? haha, I NOW know what it means...lol


and I noticed that kikkis also has something like this but I'm not trying to copy or anything sinister like that:)

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