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I'm a jellyfish-obsessed teen who likes chocolate and cookies and thinks she can write. I am a huuuuuge procrastinator and a very slow writer- writing a thousand words would take me hours. Which is why my fics are so short. I have a million ideas and a bunch of time but most of the time I'm too lazy to write. I prefer reading to writing. I like quite a lot of anime and manga. I dislike citrus and live in Florida. Fish are beautiful but eating them makes me want to throw up. My Deviantart is LastGodK. My livejournal is AwaitTheRise. I'll post lonely little drabbles and stuff there until they have a sequel. I will finish all my stories, even if it takes the rest of my life, but I might disappear for a couple of months before I muster up the energy to continue writing/living. I guess that's all?


21 Years- Regular updates every Tuesday. (?)

Tenroujima- Irregular updates.

Incipient- On hold until I figure out the direction it's headed in, plot, characterization, logistics, as well as where I want to take it.

Love Thy Neighbor- No idea where this is headed??? Need to re-write.

Falling, Side By Side- Uggh, this definitely needs a rewrite. or just a deletion. I don't know what I was thinking...

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