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List your ten favourite Twilight Characters.

1. Jasper

2. Peter

3. Caius

4. Alec

5. Paul

6. Quil

7. Garrett

8. Embry

9. Alistair

10. Bella

Have you ever read a 5/10 fic before?

Of Course! It's one of my top ten favorite pairings.

Do you think 3 is hot? How hot?

Definitely. He's sinfully sexy.

What do you think would happen if 6 got 1 pregnant?

That might be difficult since Jasper is a vampire lol

Do you recall any good fics about 9?

Only one. It was an Alistair/Bella pairing. I really enjoyed it.

Would 7 and 2 make a good couple?

Actually yes. I could see that as a really good slash pairing.

What is a better couple? 4 and 8 or 4 and 9?

Alec and Embry? Or Alec and Alistair? Hmm I'd say Alec and Alistair for the simple fact that they wouldn't have to cross the species barrier and deal with the I hate you cuz you're a vampire/shapeshifter thing.

What would happen if 7 discovered 3 and 8 in a secret relationship?

Oh there's no way Garrett would keep that quiet. If he knew then the entire vampire world would know.

Is there such thing as a romantic fluff story for 4 and 10?

Oh absolutely. There are a bunch of Alec/Bella fluffy romance fics.

You say Twilight
I say Lost Boys

You say Werewolves
I say Vampires

You say Jacob Black
I say Marko and Dwayne

you say Team Edward
I say Team Sammy

You say Robert Pattison
I'll say is a freak

You say Robert Pattion is hot
I say Paul is HOTTER

You think Bella and Edward are the perfect dream couple?
I think that’s Michael and Star

you say Edward
I'll say David, now go bite dat

I Love the Lost Boys!!!!!!!!! if you do too, paste this into your profile.

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